East-West Event Will Be Live Streamed; Plus the East-West Rosters

Jim Portune, executive director of the Bremerton Student & Alumni Association, told me earlier today that he only had 240 tickets left for tonight’s (Monday, Dec. 28) East-West Alumni Basketball game at Bremerton High. The game, by the way, will be live streamed by the Kitsap Sun at kitsapsun.com/2009/high-school-basketball.

Just the past two days I’ve had e-mails from Arizona, Florida and Massachusetts from alums, wondering if we were going to video the game. And I just got off the phone with Oza Langston, a former East High player now living outside of Denver. He wanted to make sure I told the East guys that they better not lose.

It should be a fun night. If you can’t make it, you can watch in live at kitsapsun.com, and it’ll also be available on a delayed basis.

For more background on the event, here’s my column that was published on Dec. 27.

The Bremerton School Board recently approved a measure to rename the gym after Les Eathorne and the court after Ken Wills. Eathorne, the longtime East High and Bremerton High coach, will be honored at halftime of the alumni game along with Wills, his former coach at Bremerton High. Here’s an earlier story and a column on the district’s decision to honor the two beloved coaches.

Some of you have wondered who’s playing in the basketball game. Here’s the rosters given to me (of course, they are always subject to change):

East High Knights

Mark Bergsma (class of ’78), Mark Eathorne (’74), Greg Farrar (’76), Bruce Welling (’67), Terry Welling (’69), Henri Campbell (’75), Ian Gilyeat (’77), Kevin Backlund (’77), Rick Torseth (’74), Tom Deichert (’77), Jon Hussey (’73), Richard Arena (’73), Leonard Barnes (’75), Dave Hegland (’71), Dave Bean (’72), Steve Boyce (’71), Bryan Garinger (’74), Rick Walker (’74).

Non-playing roster: Lowell Mahugh (’58), Jim Trostad (’71), Roy Campbell (’64), Gary Hussey (’69), Steve Shaw (’78), David Garinger (’75), Kevin Olson (’75), Dwight Slate.

Honored Player: Ray Hackett (’74).

Head coach: Les Eathorne.

Assistant: Dick Danubio.

West High Wildcats

A few Bremerton High grads somehow snuck on the Wildcats roster but here ya go: Bob Winters (’77), John Sitton (’68), Jim Derrig (’73), Rick Ormistron (’70), Mike Braun (’74), Mike Mantzke (’80), Jeff Mitchell (’77), Bill Baxter (’80), Dn Lay (’71), Rick Herdman (’68), Ron Burley (’64), Mike Anderson (’72), Tom Hamre (’78), Cal Ormiston (’72), Dave Pemberton (’68), Brett Fein (’81), Jeff Mantzke (’81), Dave Joiner (’78), Dick Wolf (’68), Bill Nylund (’77), Larry Thatcher (’65), Russ Kissinger (’67).

Non-playing roster: Rolly Dicks (’77), Doug Frohart (’77), Walt Harrell (’65), Bill Hobaugh (’77), Paul Ingman (’65), Ron Smith (’78).

Head coach: John Sitton (’68).

Honorary coach: Norm Dicks (’59).

Manager: Dan Kirk (’79).

One thought on “East-West Event Will Be Live Streamed; Plus the East-West Rosters

  1. Great game!!! I thought Rick Walker played like he did “in the day”, maybe lost a step or two, but still has the moves and the shots. West put up a great effort, but it was a game reminiscent of the early 70’s…pretty close then before you know it, the Knights are up by 20 or so. Good to see Coach Eathorne throw the clipboard one more time. I hope this can become an annual event. I am a ’74 EHS grad and lifelong Bremertonian and this really was great for the community.

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