Jud Lives on at Michigan State

The most famous graduate of South Kitsap’s class of 1945 — Jud Heathcote — probably grinding his teeth about now. As I glance at the TV, the Michigan State Spartans are losing 17-7 to North Carolina in the NCAA title game.

Michigan State, of course, won the title 30 years ago when Jud was the head coach and Ervin (Magic) Johnson was his point guard. Jud, because of his connection with that 1979 Final Four involving Magic and Larry Bird, has been in the news a lot lately. Here’s the column I wrote last week.

Here’s some more stuff to read about Jud.

I didn’t know Jud had held a party at the Final Four for 29 straight years. He calls it the Jud Party. The 81-year-old host wasn’t there when Michigan State coach Tom Izzo showed up on Friday.

Jud tells John Blanchette of the Spokesman Review that he always felt bad that his two best coaching friends — his mentor Marv Harshman and Gene Keady at Purdue — never made it to a Final Four.

Bud Withers of the Times quotes from Jud’s book “Jud, a Magical Journey,” and says that Izzo is making Heathcote look like a genius.

This AP story factors in the “family” relationship at Michigan State basketball, and quotes Izzo about his relationship with his mentor, Jud Heathcote, who still offers his advice and opinions.

Carolina’s now up 40-20. Maybe Magic will suit up at halftime?

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