Do You Remember the Sonics? Do You Miss ‘Em?

This post is mostly for diehard Seattle SuperSonics’ fans. It’s an update on the players (and coaches) on the 20-62 team that left us all slobbering for a real professional basketball team.

Still, some of you must have wondered how-in-the-heck Johan Petro, Sene Mouhammad and Nick Collison  are doing? And whatever happened to P.J. Carlisemo and Luke Ridnour?

Well, read on. Here’s some information, most of it factual, that I’ve dug up on that oh-so-memorable squad that Clay Bennett whisked away from Pugetopolis.

Kevin Durant: The second-year pro from Texas, the No. 2 pick behind Greg Oden in the 2008 draft, appears to be on his way to an all-star career. He’s averaging 25.8 points and 6.6 rebounds, and according to this story, has found a home in Oklahoma City. I wish him well. Durant always seemed like a good guy.

Paul Westhead: Remember Paulie, the assistant under P.J.? Westhead just accepted the Oregon job. Yeah, he’s the new women’s basketball coach at Oregon. Read all about it here.

Luke Ridnour: If Luke had an outside shot, he’d be compared to Steve Nash but he doesn’t. The Blaine native and former Oregon Duck is a backup point guard with the Milwaukee Bucks, averaging 10 points and 5.5 assists. Check him out here.

Nick Collison: The former hard-working Kansas star remains a productive NBA player, but he’s never going to be an All-Star? He’s battled through some aches and pains for Oklahoma City this season and is averaging 8.3 points and 7.1 rebounds while splitting time at power forward.

P.J. Carlesimo: He’s now working for Westwood One, calling college basketball games on the radio air waves and doing a little scouting on the side. The former Seton Hall, Portland Trailblazer head coach and San Antonio Spurs assistant was fired after the OKC Thunder got off to a 1-12 start this season.That was the smart thing to do. Instead of reading about P.J., who is yesterday’s news, I suggest you read about Scott Brooks, the man who replaced P.J.

Mickael Gelabale: The forward from France is now in the D-League, where he belongs. Yeah, he’s an LA D-Fender.

Johan Petro: Frenchie is now a reserve in Denver, averaging 8.5 minutes per game for the Nuggers. That’s probably 8.5 minutes too many. Check out his stats here.

Jeff Green: Remember the second-year forward from Georgetown? He and sidekick Durant are among the most improved players in the league, if you believe this report.

Sene Mouhamed: Sene, Petro, Gelabale .. are you getting a little misty-eyed thinking about these guys? C’mon, you’re tearing up, right? The legendary Sene is no longer in The League. Like Gelabale, this native of Senagal is in the D-League, recently landing in Albuquerque.

Robert Swift: The 12th overall pick in the 2004 draft has played in 23 games as a backup center for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Robert, we hardly knew ya when you were in Seattle? Now, you’re a bonafide … backup to the backup. And you just missed back-to-back games for “personal reasons.”

Earl Watson: Here’s a Q&A with the former UCLA point guard before he landed in coach Scott Brooks’ doghouse. Watson recently went six games without getting off the bench.

Chris Wilcox: We saw the best of Wilcox … and it really wasn’t that good. His numbers and playing time decreased after the move to OKC and he was traded to the Knicks, where he’s seeing even less court time.

Damien Wilkins: A guy who got a lot of playing time in Seattle is now coming off the bench, where he belongs. He’s playing 15.3 minutes per game, averaging 5.1 points.

Clay Bennett: He’s the guy who paid Seattle $45 million to break the KeyArena lease and move the team to Oklahoma City. He’s still making news, this time for insulting cheerleaders.

I know OKC has added Michael Westbrook, a talented rookie point guard, and Kyle Weaver, the former Washington State star. And Scott Brooks appears to be a significant upgrade over P.J. as head coach.

That said, I don’t miss the Sonics. Not these ex-Sonics, who are now wearing Thunder jerseys. Do you miss ’em?

6 thoughts on “Do You Remember the Sonics? Do You Miss ‘Em?

  1. I must be really, really old. I clicked on this, thinking it was the old Sonics rock and roll band from the fifties and sixties. Sheesh!

    That’s the Sonics to whom I can relate.

  2. I miss the Sonics, but not the NBA. All but two NBA owners (Allen and Cuban) approved the move to OKC. It’s not just Stern who is broken, it’s the entire NBA, and pro-sports in general.

    I grew up loving the Supes, M’s, and Hawks, but the NBA ripped the rose colored glasses off, and made me realize they are not Seattle’s teams (as the marketing departments would have you believe), they are Nintendo’s, and Paul’s, and Clay’s.

    We are all about criticizing executive pay and bonuses in banking, but let’s look at pro-sports, businesses who have been receiving government aid for years, and who only ask for more each time a new arena is ‘needed’.

  3. Good update, yea basically they have done nothing and are rebuilding at the speed of a shrinking glacier. How about an update on the Seattle City leadership that has also done nothing but give the #*%@ team away for 45 Million earmarked for what? Too bad poor ownership (post Schulman) and worse politicians were not the ones run out of town. Come on people look how much excitment the Huskies brought to our basketball starved hearts this year! How quickly we forget which pro sport brought us our only world championship. We deserve a professional basketball team, but are we willing to earn it back?
    Until then I’m rooting for the Sonics gone south! How about an update on them once in a while?

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