Three Things to Read

Not into NCAA Madness. Well, even if you are, here’s something to read before the balls start bouncing on Thursday:

1. Manny Being Manny Ramirez was recently taken to the woodshed by former Boston teammate Jonathan Papelpon. He went so far as to call MannyBManny “a cancer.” Manny’s got his detractors, but one thing you can say about Manny is that he’s a winner. At least the teams he plays on wins. Check out Joe Posnanski’s blog here. And while you’re at, you might as well bookmark Joe’s blog. It’s always full of good stuff.

2. columnist Gene Wozciechowski takes a look at possible life-moment mulligans. It’s a fun read, sure to make you chuckle.

3. Felix Hernandez has pitched 8 2/3 scoreless innings for Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic. He started and won Tuesday’s game against Puerto Rico. “That’s the man the whole of Venezuela wanted on the mound,” said manager Luis Sojo. You can find the game story by Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports here.

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