Dawgs No. 23; Zags No. 20; Who’s Better?

Washington’s won 13 of 14 games and now its back in the Top 25, another sign that the men’s basketball program is headed in the right direction. The Huskies are No. 23 in the AP poll released earlier today. Here’s a link to the UW press release.

Gonzaga’s moved up three spots to No. 20 in the AP poll and cracked the ESPN/USA Today coaches’ poll, moving into the No. 25 spot. Washington’s 30th in the coaches’ poll.

Too bad Washington and Gonzaga don’t play. Who’d win this year’s matchup? Earlier in the season, I’d have said Gonzaga would have easily handled the Huskies. Now I’m not so sure. Washington’s a far more physical team and if the refs let ’em play, I think the Huskies would have an advantage. Washington’s got a lot of options to guard Gonzaga’s Austin Daye and Micah Downs, although Gonzaga’s guards could neutralize Washington’s backcourt. Too bad these teams don’t play each other.

During an interview on KJR 950 radtio recently, UW AD Scott Woodward said rumors about the teams renewing the series are just that — rumors. They haven’t played since the 2006-07 season and Woodward said there’s been no discussion with Gonzaga about scheduling a game between the two. I don’t know why they can’t agree to a yearly game. Rotate the site: One year in Spokane, the next at the UW and the next at KeyArena.

3 thoughts on “Dawgs No. 23; Zags No. 20; Who’s Better?

  1. We will never know. The Dawgs were afraid of the Zags beating them again, so the Dawgs put their collective tails between their legs and stopped playing Gonzaga. Another poor decision of Husky management!

  2. Hurray! A new year with real Sports excitment in the Northwest! The energy level the Huskies bring to every game is increasing to levels that is close to, dare I say, tournament level? Former B.I. standout Steven Gray, trying to nutralize I.T. or Dentman? I would pay to see that! There is still the remote possibility of meeting IF both teams make the big dance AND if both are placed in same regional bracket. Huskies made a great decison by playing in pre-league Kansas Tourney, now make the next move a get Zag’s back on the schedule. Maybe next year be good enough for Maui?

  3. I’m with Stan, exciting stuff in NW college hoops. Don’t forget the step up for Seattle U. I think at this point the Zags have the edge, although I’m a true Husky fan. The Huskies have shown themselves to be inconsistent lately, but I think they will turn things around as the second half of the Pac 10 progresses.

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