Obama: The Audacity of Sports

Here’s a few links to help get you through inauguration day.

Basketball has been a big part of President Barack Obama’s life and the President has said he plans to replace the White House bowling alley with a basketball court. Alexander Wolf writes in SI.com that Obama is expected to put in a fullcourt at the White House. Want to learn a little more about what our 44th president? Read Wolf’s story on SI.com: The Audacity of Hoops: Basketball Shaped Obama’s life.

Of the past 18 presidents, 15 have been golfers. Obama is among ’em. Where does he rank among the golfing presidents? Check out Golf Digest’s story here. Vice president Joe Biden, by the way, has a handicap index of 8.2.

In good times and bad, sports always has served as escapism in America. Under Barack Obama, sports will be a little bigger than that, writes Jay Mariotti. You can read his column here.

What do NBA players think about our President? This New York Times article addresses that.

Here’s some thoughts on Obama from several historic black pioneers and luminaries that was published by The Sporting News.

And here’s a story in the Boston Herald about how sports helped open the door for Obama.

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