Stark Truth: Bavasi Shows True Feelings About Bedard

The Mariners finally pulled the trigger on GM Bill Bavasi. They moved Ichiro Suzuki back to right field, demoted Wlad Balentein and recalled Jeff Clement. Those won’t be the last moves.
I wonder if they’ve already started shopping pitcher Erik Bedard? He’s going to be a free agent in another year, and I might be wrong, but I bet he’s even alienated his teammates and coaches after asking out of his last two starts after throwing just under 100 pitches and going only five and six innings. Bedard, who went on the disabled list after two starts with a hip injury, clearly got under Bavasi’s skin.

Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times wrote about this exchange in his blog during Bavasi’s going away party with the media on Monday.
On why Bedard can’t go longer, Bavasi says it’s a good question, but one that has to be put to Bedard.
“He’ll have a stupid answer for you, you can count on it,” Bavasi said. “He’ll have some dumbass answer.”

It makes you wonder what kind of research Bavasi and his staff do prior to completing that trade with Baltimore? It’s become common knowledge that the quirky lefty doesn’t talk to the media or his teammates. And, now, it’s becoming clear that he’s not made of the kind of stuff that you’d like to see your top-of-the-line pitchers made of: guts and mental toughness. When the going gets tough, he asks out.
Again, how could Bavasi could pull off a deal of that magnitude if he knew that he was getting a six inning pitcher who asks out because he’s out of fuel. And if Bavasi didn’t know it, he simply didn’t do his homework.
There are a multitude of reasons for the M’s ineptitude this season — and I might be wrong here — but it seems to me that Bavasi’s decision to pull the trigger on the Bedard trade was the straw that stirred up this mess.

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