Stark Truth: Locker’s Pitch Works on Fredericks

After everybody was long gone from Wednesday’s Bremerton Athletic Roundtable meeting, Bob Fredericks shared an interesting tale.
Fredericks, a former Bremerton High and University of Washington grad, is an interesting guy. He worked closely as an engineer at PSNS with Rear Admiral Hyman Rickover — the “Father of the Nuclear Navy.” As the ASB president at Bremerton High, he led the drive that got Memorial Stadium built. He was among the seven founding members of the Bremerton Tennis and Athletic Club.

Fredericks is, and has been for years, the backbone of the non-profit BAR, which supports youth and amateur athletics in the region.
He once held the single-game Bremerton City League scoring record in basketball (I believe it was 52, but I might be off).
Anyway, let’s get back to Wednesday night’s story. Bob has been going to Husky football games since 1947 and buying tickets since 1952. But he’s been gimping around on bad knees for some time, and the walk up the twisting concourse at aging Husky Stadium is a tad daunting these days. So he was thinking that this might be the year to give up his tickets.
Bob tells this story a lot better than I’m writing it, but he said he was sitting at his desk at home recently, pondering whether he should write the check for his Tyee Club tickets when the phone rang: “Hello, this is Jake Locker of the Huskies. Bob, we really appreciate all of your support over the years. We hope you will renew your tickets because we think we’re going to get this thing turned around.” (that quote’s not exact, but you get the idea).
Bob said, “That’s great, but when are you going to get some defensive backs.”
When the Husky quarterback didn’t answer at the other end, Bob figured out it was a recording.
Still, the university’s marketing ploy worked. Bob wrote a check for his Husky season tickets.

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