Super Bowl: Was XLII Best One Yet?

Considering what was at stake for the New England Patriots, who seemed on their way to a 19-0 season late in fourth quarter, Super Bowl XLII just might be the best the NFL has ever staged.
Growing up a Baltimore Colts fans, Super Bowl III was a bigger upset. That was the game Joe Namath walked the talked, leading the underdog New York Jets of the AFC to the upset over the Colts.
But Sunday’s 17-14 win by the Giants is the best Super Bowl I’ve watched. The game also featured one of the best plays in NFL history. Giants QB Eli Manning turned into Houdini, wiggling out of what seemed to be a sure sack to fling a pass to David Tyree, who leaped up in traffic to pin the ball against his helmet with one hand before coming down with the ball for a 33-yard game. That led to the game-winning 13-yard TD pass from Manning to Plaxico Buress with 35 seconds left.
The Patriots seemed to be a little tight from the outset, but I think you can attribute most of that to New York’s defense. The Giants proved, once again, that if you can get pressure on the quarterback, you can beat any team in the NFL. Pressuring the QB is the key to success in the NFL. Always has been.
What do you think?
Was Eli deserving of the MVP?
Who is David Tyree?
Will the Giants repeat?
What will this loss do to the Patriots psyche?
Where does Super Bowl XLII rank?

One thought on “Super Bowl: Was XLII Best One Yet?

  1. To answer your questions in order…
    I think it was the greatest Super Bowl upset ever.
    Eli Manning deserved MVP, but I would’ve chosen Osi Umenyora.
    David Tyree will replace Deion Branch in the Seattle lineup next season.
    The Giants will not repeat.
    The Patriots now know how all those Red Sox fans felt back in 1946, 1967, 1975, and 1986.
    Among Super Bowls, I say top five – behind the four won by San Francisco.

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