Super Bowl: Don’t Bet Against Tiger

Just got back from Tahoe after a week of R&R.
Hit the slopes at Heavenly Valley, where the resort was bathed in powder throughout the week, and I managed to hit the casinos. Hey, it was Super Bowl week and I thought I’d try one (OK, maybe more than one) of those stupid proposition bets.
While most of you will be pulling for the Patriots or Giants this afternoon, I’ll be pulling for kickers Stephen Gastkowski and Lawrence Tynes. I need one of them to kick a field goal longer than 46 yards. I took the over/under on a bet that combined Tiger Woods’ final-round score in the Dubai Open and the longest field goal kicked in today’s SB XLII. I reasoned that Woods would have the tournament locked up by Sunday and would cruise home with a 70 or so. Instead, he shoots a 65 to win Dubai by a stroke.The over/under on my bet is 110.5. So I need Gastkowski or Tynes to boot a field goal of at least 46 yards long to win.

As for the skiing at Heavenly, locals can’t remember the conditions being any better.
“I’ve skied my whole life at a lot of places and this is the best skiing I’ve ever experienced,” said a richie richie college kid from California as we shared a chair ride up the mountain. “And I just got back from skiing a month in the Swiss Alps.”
From a snowboarder: “I’ve already skied 40 days this year. If I die tomorrow, I’ll die happy, because it doesn’t get any better thant this.”
For a lousy, once-a-year-if-I’m-lucky skier like me, the powder certainly made it more enjoyable. I survived without breaking any bones. The snow stayed away long enough for my wife and I to drive back to Reno for our flight home last night.
Today, I get to go through the back papers to catch up on all that I missed (congrats Knights for your state bowling championship), and I’ll sit back and watch the Super Bowl. For the record, I think the Patriots win big: 37-23 or something like that.
FYI: Steve Christie holds the Super Bowl record for longest field goal. The former Buffalo kicker made a 54-yarder in the 1994 loss to Dallas.
For the record, I don’t care if Gastkowski or Tynes break the record. A 46-yard is all I’m asking for.

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