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Sunny Day on a rainy day: Sunny Day Real Estate triumphantly comes home


The storied Sunny Day Real Estate, a band considered by some to be a contributor to the development of emo music, triumphantly returned to its hometown Friday and it felt like they had never left. Given the group’s association with the heart-on-your-sleeve punk subgenre it was appropriate that it was pouring rain outside of the Paramount Theatre when SDRE took the stage for the last show of their brief reunion tour.
Sunny Day has reunited before and even toured but this incarnation of the band included all four original members – Jeremy Enigk, Nate Mendell, William Goldsmith and Dan Hoerner – and you really couldn’t tell the four men on stage hadn’t played in a touring band together for 15 years. It was great to finally hear songs like “Iscarabaid,” “Guitars & Video Games” and “Seven,” which was the second song of the set, performed live.

 For the most part the bandmembers were quiet and didn’t have much banter between songs. But it was apparent they all enjoyed being on stage together given the massive smiles they flashed between songs, and when Hoerner told the crowd he had been waiting the entire tour for the homecoming show you could tell he meant it. The love in the room from the crowd was nearly palpable too and the band reciprocated by playing favorites like “In Circles,” “48” and “J’Nuh,” and that was just the encore.
The only knock on the show (and this is a knock on the show itself, not the band) was that at times it was difficult to hear Enigk’s whispery vocals. The band rectified the situation when it cranked up the volume and rocked out during the louder parts of their dynamic quiet-loud-quiet-loud songs. Speaking of dynamic, the rhythm section of Goldsmith and Mendell was very impressive. Goldsmith is a beast behind the kit and he hit the drums with, ahem, Grohl-ian force. I hope your tenure in Foo Fighters is not a sore subject William.
As good as it was to finally hear the songs from Diary and the rest of Sunny Day’s catalog live, it was even better to hear them break out a new song. Tentatively titled “10,” the song still has the feel of old SDRE but updates it with a bit of a harder edge. It shows progressive growth from their older material and what sounds like a renewed interest in making music together. Hopefully this means there is a new Sunny Day Real Estate record on the horizon considering Mendell’s band Foo Fighters are on hiatus and Enigk looks to be finished with his touring obligation behind his latest solo effort OK Bear. Welcome back guys, you were missed but not forgotten.


Photo sneak peek: Sunny Day Real Estate @ The Paramount

Sunny Day Real Estate concluded their brief reunion tour with a hometown show at the Paramount Theatre Friday night. It was great to see the guys playing on stage together. I haven’t finished my review yet but Alex Crick has finished editing his pictures from the show. Here’s a look at the set list. And yes, that **New Song** is an actual new song. More words about the show are coming soon.

SDRE-Set List

It’s official: Sunny Day Real Estate reunites, playing Seattle Oct. 16


As reported earlier today on Ear Candy the Web site:

Looks like all the rumors are true. Seminal post-grunge Seattle group Sunny Day Real Estate is reuniting. (UPDATE: They will be performing at the Paramount Theatre Oct. 16. Tickets cost $28 and go on sale next week.)

The reunion isn’t just a one-off show as the band looks to be in full touring mode. According to Live Nation’s Web site, SDRE has a show scheduled for The Fillmore in San Francisco on Oct. 13. The news of this show comes after a concert promoting company in Utah called Kollective posted news of a SDRE show in Utah on Twitter.

Rumors of a reunion were started back in April when the band reportedly started rehearsing and planning out a national tour. Reportedly Sunny Day Real Estate singer Jeremy Enigk has been coyly talking about a potential reunion but no official statements about the band getting back together have been made.

For those unfamiliar with SDRE the band got together in 1992 and released “Diary” in 1994. Unfortunately, after a few lineup changes and some reported struggles with its label, Sub Pop, the group disbanded in 2001. The original SDRE lineup included Enigk. Nate Mendel, William Goldsmith and Dan Hoerner and they are credited with being one of the grandfathers of emo. Now before you go blaming these guys for AFI, My Chemcial Romance and all those other emo bands, they aren’t responsible for that type of emo. Think more along the lines of “Pinkerton” emo and you’ve got it.

If a few of those names in their lineup sound familiar it’s because Mendel is the bass player in Foo Fighters and Goldsmith used to the drummer for the Foos before he left the group and some guy named Taylor Hawkins stepped in behind the kit. Oh yeah, and Enigk has had a pretty decent solo career too (His latest effort “OK Bear” is by far one of the best local records released this year) but not as noteworthy as the non-SDRE days of Hawkins and Goldsmith.

Since the band is playing at the Paramount in October, it looks like the rumors that they will be at Bumbershoot this year as reported here on Ear Candy and over at The Stranger’s Line Out blog are not true. We’ll see when Bumbershoot’s complete lineup is revealed in the middle of July.

Sunny Day Real Estate to reunite, play Bumbershoot?


Remember a few weeks back when Ear Candy set the Internets ablaze with the rumor of a Sunny Day Real Estate reunion?

Well, mark your calendars for Labor Day Weekend Sunny Day Real Estate fans because that’s when you’re going to get a Sunny Day Real Estate reunion in Seattle. Or at least that’s when the Internet told me a Sunny Day Real Estate reunion will be happening in Seattle.

For all you observant types out there, yes, that is Bumbershoot weekend, which means Sunny Day Real Estate will be playing this year’s Bumbershoot.

How does Ear Candy know this? Well, nothing official from either the band or Bumbershoot has been released stating this is true, so take it for what it’s worth. But trust me, I’m not making this up.

On Twitter, KEXP DJ Marco Collins posted the following: Sunny Day Real Estate @ Bumbershoot? Fact or fiction?

UPDATE: Marco has removed the post from his Twitter page

I consider Marco a credible source. And while Marco did put question marks after his statements, he probably wouldn’t have gone on Twitter and raised the possibility of SDRE playing Bumbershoot if there wasn’t some ounce of truth behind it.

Or, maybe Marco is just screwing with everyone. Who knows?

But he was correct about the Capitol Hill Block Party headliners and he was the person who originally tipped everyone about SDRE getting back together, practicing and prepping for a tour. I think that gives him some credibility as a source.

So, is this rumor true? You decide. But if I were you I would go ahead and buy your advance Bumbershoot tickets now.