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My five favorite club shows of 2008

For my final Ear Candy column of the year for the print edition of the Seattle P-I my editor has asked me to write about my top 5 club shows of the year. While I was not able to make it to every club show in Seattle (due to my geographical location as well as the fact I spent most of the year covering major concerts and festivals for the P-I), I did spend plenty of nights in dark, sweaty, booze-filled clubs witnessing some really great music.

So here’s a recap of my five favorite club shows of the year:

Weezer’s Hootenanny @ Vera Project

Yes, it was an invite-only event. Yes, it wasn’t an actual =W= concert. And yes, Rivers Cuomo’s mustache made an appearance. All of those things only touch the surface of why this was one of the coolest shows of the year. Take 200 =W= fans, crazy instruments and a rocking kazoo solo on “Beverly Hills” and you’ve got one heckuva hootenanny.

The Gutter Twins @ Showbox at the Market

The two-day Sup Pop 20 Festival was an amazing fete the venerable local label threw for itself, but you didn’t experience all of SP20 if you weren’t at this show. The combination of Mark Lanegan and Greg Dulli in the darkened confines of the Showbox was spellbinding.

Tom Morello, Mike McCready and Stone Gossard @ Showbox at the Market

This get-out-the-vote show didn’t include any big surprise special guests like many speculated it would (come on, three-fifths of Peal Jam was in the building and no PJ surprise appearance?) but really the show didn’t need any razzle-dazzle stars to impress. Tom Morello broke out RATM riffs and played enough of his upbeat new material to prove he is a more than adequate frontman. Mike McCready kicked out a set of six spectacular Hendrix covers and Stone Gossard played honky-tonk versions of “1999” and “Ace of Spades.” Oh yeah, and at the end of the show McCready and Morello jammed together.

Dyme Def 3Badbrothaaas Mixtape Release Party @ Nectar

Hip-hop gets a bad reputation by critics because for the most part it often comes off as boring when performed live because the crowd is often not engaged. Well, this release of the “3Badbrothaaas” Mixtape (which was handed out for free at the show) and the performance by Dyme Def at Nectar proved Seattle can do hip-hop right. The performance by these three MCs was one of the most charismatic sets I saw all year, and I saw more than 200 acts this year (yes, I keep count).

Supersuckers 20th Anniversary @ Showbox at the Market

Sup Pop wasn’t the only Seattle institution celebrating 20 years in business in 2008. The rockabilly punks in Supersuckers railed off a 35-song set list during a show that lasted more than two hours and touched on every one of their records. The only thing that was missing was their excellent cover of “Hey Ya!” Oh, and to help mark 20 years, Green River got together for another show ( only the band’s third in its 20 years since breaking up) to toast their friends in Supersuckers.

REVIEW & VIDEO: Tom Morello, Mike McCready and Stone Gossard @ The Showbox

Note: Photos will be uploaded later today. Until then, click here to see the photo set on Steven Friederich’s flickr page. You can also click here for another review of the show.

Monday’s get out the vote show by Tom Morello as The Nightwatchman with his friends Mike McCready and his Hendrix cover band Shadow 86, Stone Gossard and the Hank Khoir and Boots Riley was, as to be expected, a great show. Here are some of the highlights:

There wasn’t really a choir with the Hank Khoir. Stone had one female singer on stage with him and a backing band. Her voice complimented Gossard’s singing well. Stone’s vocals were pretty soft and the set was fairly quiet and subdued.

The backing band for the Hank Khoir was the Roy Kay Trio. You probably them from playing along with this guy. They closed their set with two equally awesome covers: a low-key, soft rendition of Prince’s “1999” and a full blown rockabilly take on Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades.”

Getting to see Shadow 86 was a real treat as Mike McCready seemed to be 100 percent in his element playing Hendrix songs (gee, who would’ve guessed?). It seemed like Mike was rushing through singing the verses just to get to the guitar solos because he was so amped up to shred on the guitar, which was cool.

The group blazed through about six songs including “Fire,” “All Along the Watchtower,” “Voodoo Chile” and others. Two highlights of Shadow 86’s set were McCready effortlessly playing guitar behind his back for a good five minutes and “The Star Spangled Banner,” which appropriately enough, got a massive response from the crowd.

The special guests for the night were: U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott and Gov. Chris Gregoire. Gregoire introduced Stone Gossard and I think she said she has been a fan of his since Mother Love Bone. said her daughters have been fans since Mother Love Bone.

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More shows on the horizon

The fall concert season seems to be in full swing and I am hoping to catch as many shows as possible beofre winter sets in and I am stuck on the wrong side of the Cascades for going to concerts.

Here are two shows I will be at in the coming week:

Oct. 19: Fleet Foxes @ The Moore

I’m super stoked to see the biggest hometown buzz band of the moment play their biggest hometown  headlining show to date.

Nov. 3: Mike McCready, Tom Morello, Stone Gossard and friends @ The Showbox?

This “get out the vote” show on Election Day even should be amazing. I don’t know who these “friends” are that are also on the bill, but I do know Chris Cornell is in town the night before and if I remember my Chris Cornell history correctly, I think he was once in a band with the three headliners on the bill. Nothing is confirned, but I’m just saying …