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VIDEOS: Moondoggies, Black Whale, John Roderick, The Kindness Kind at the new Crocodile

If you’re friends with the Crocodile on Facebook or follow the Crocodile on Twitter or read this post over on Sound on the Sound then you already know about the cool videos the Crocodile has been shooting and posting in its Web site.

If you don’t know, here’s what has been going on.

The Crocodile folks, with the help of One Shot Seattle, have been filming performances by local bands at the new and improved venue as it is undergoing construction. They have also been interviewing artists including Rachel Flotard of Visqueen, John Roderick of the Long Winters and others who have all shared their memories of the Crocodile.

You can view all of the videos on the Crocodile’s Web site. Here are a few of my favorites:

Black Whales “Young Blood” from The Crocodile on Vimeo.

John Roderick “Ultimatum” from The Crocodile on Vimeo.

The Kindness Kind “Suckerpunch” from The Crocodile on Vimeo.

The Moondoggies “Old Hound” from The Crocodile on Vimeo.