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Idiot Pilot paving a comeback trail

Note: An earlier version of this post contained incorrect information regarding the band’s situation before siging to Reprise Records. It has since been corrected.

Idiot Pilot, the noise-rock duo from Bellingham that relies on heavy usage of a laptop and guitars, is making a comeback with a new website a slot at SXSW and possibly some new material later this year.

The band’s career got off to a pretty hot start thanks to a third-place finish at EMP’s Sound Off! in 2004 (The Lonely H finished second and Mon Frere took home top prize that year). After the success they were courted by a few labels and eventually signed to Reprise Records, which is owned by Warner Bros. The scuttlebutt at the time was the group ruffled some feathers locally by signing with a major because they were more or less signed to a local indie label prior to entering talks with Reprise, but before they inked the deal they were sneakily shuttled to LA where Reprise’s A&R vultures claimed Idiot Pilot for their own.

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