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VIDEO: Kurt Cobain to be a playable character in Guitar Hero 5

Like playing Guitar Hero? Like Kurt Cobain? Wish you could play Guitar Hero as Kurt Cobain? Well, you’ll soo be able to do that when Guitar Hero 5 is released Sept. 1.

The game features a playable Kurt Cobain and includes "Lithium" from the band’s 1992 Reading Festival concert and "Smells Like Teen Spirit." The vitural Kurt was approved by Courtney Love, Dave Grohl and Universal Publishing, the three owners of Nirvana’s music. The in-game Cobain looks pretty authentic thanks to the involvement of C-Lo. Kurt’s even wearing a Daniel Johnston shirt.

But you’ve got to admit it’s a little odd watching the above video and not seeing Krist Novaselic or Grohl on stage with Kurt, but then again it’s not Band Hero (which is an actual game in production believe it or not), this is Guitar Hero we’re talking about. I’m guessing if Krist played the game he wouldn’t be very good at it unless his skills with a guitar game controller have improved since he wrote this 2008 Seattle Weekly column.

Personally I’m not quite sure how I feel about video game Kurt Cobain. I suppose it’s cool for kids to rock out as the leader of Nirvana, but having lived through the grune era in Seattle, attending the public wake after Kurt’s suicide and having some pretty close, personal memories attached to Nirana’s music, I’m a little torn about such a sacred (to me at least) rock icon being marketed in a video game. However, he’s not the only dead rock star in Guitar Hero 5. Johnny Cash and Jimi Hendrix are in the game as playable characters along with other living rockers including Muse’s Matt Bellamy and Garbage’s Shirley Manson.

Since I am undecided on my feelings toward virtual KC, I ask you dear readers: What do you think about Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero?

Because you know you have always wanted to rock out with Wolfgang Van Halen

The trailer for the Hagar-less Guitar Hero: Van Halen was released earlier this week. In general I am a fan of the Guitar Hero series but I am getting tired of the continuous band-branding of the games. The Aerosmith game was pretty lame and the Metallica chapter was cool, but it really needed more than 28 Metallica songs and it could’ve used some downloadable content. I am pretty sure I won’t be picking up the Van Halen chapter of the series. I’m saving up my ducketts for Beatles Rock Band.

Guitar Hero Aerosmith: Equal parts boring and entertaining

Since this is a relatively new blog, I might as well let you know now that I am a big dork. You were eventually going to find out if you kept reading Spin The Black Circle anyway, so I figured it would be best if you heard it from me instead of just stumbling upon the discovery of my dorkiness by yourself.

Now that my confession is out of the way, I wanted to let you know about my experience with the XBox 360 game “Guitar Hero Aerosmith.” See, I told ya you would have eventually figured out my dorkiness if you kept reading.
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