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Arcade Fire impresses with a memorable concert at KeyArena

Arcade Fire by Jason Tang

If Arcade Fire were a fast food cheeseburger the Montreal octet would definitely be a Dick’s Deluxe, and  in my book that’s not a bad thing.

You see in the faux band-burger hierarchy three distinct categories exist. There are the McDonald’s of the world. Think of them as burgers that are serviceable but can be easily replicated. In band terms acts like The New Pornographers and The Heavy fit the description. These are bands that are good live and on record, but if you see enough shows (or eat enough burgers) they don’t stand out much in the long run.

Then there are the Red Mills of the world. The cream of the crop. Arguably the best fast food burger in Seattle. It’s a burger you never forget. Bands like Radiohead, U2 and Springsteen are Red Mill burgers in this tasty analogy. When you witness any of these bands live it’s an experience you’ll remember forever no matter how many shows you attend.

Somewhere in between Redmill and McDonald’s lies the Deluxe. Now the Dick’s Deluxe is a damn good burger. It blows McDonald’s out of the water. Anyone who attempts to argue a McD’s patty is superior to anything on Dick’s menu is clearly a few McNuggets short of a 10-piece.

So how does Arcade Fire merit a Dick’s Deluxe rating? They put on a show you definitely remember, but it isn’t necessarily the best show you will ever see. A few other burgers, um I mean bands, I’d classify as Dick’s Deluxes are Muse, the Flaming Lips and my beloved Pearl Jam. These aren’t the biggest bands in the world but when you see them live they deliver shows that are worth well above the price of admission.

Now I’ve probably seen more bands live than I’ve consumed burgers, and Arcade Fire’s life-affirming 90-minute set made for a damn delicious burger I won’t soon forget, but it wasn’t quite up to Red Mill standards.

So why start off a review of a band many critics consider to be the voice of a generation by comparing them to a cheeseburger? Because many of the band’s detractors claim the group takes itself too seriously and I figure a lighthearted approach would be the best route to take when attempting to tackle Arcade Fire’s many complexities and my somewhat still mixed feelings about the group. Continue reading