Six artists the Seattle Rock Orchestra should tribute

The Seattle Rock Orchestra has successfully tackled Radiohead, Arcade Fire, the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, David Bowie and their next tribute will be Queen in May. So whose music should they take on next?

Here are a few ideas:

Guns N Roses

Sure “November Rain” practically screams orchestral performance but could you image hearing classical arrangements of “You Could Be Mine,” “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Back off Bitch?” That would be some epically amazing stuff. Added bonus:  If Axl Rose doesn’t want to play ball and allow the songs to be rearranged maybe local Duff McKagan can twist his arm for the SRO.

Guest vocalists: Star Anna, Duff McKagan, Ben Harwood


Say what you will about the band’s current output, but you really can’t touch U2’s back catalog when it comes to modern rock classics. Although I would definitely recommend sticking to the pre-Zooropa material for this one.

Guest vocalists: Josiah Johnson, Cody Votolado, Damien Jurado

Led Zeppelin

I’m kind of surprised the SRO hasn’t tackled Led Zeppelin already. There are enough Jimmy Page wannabes in Seattle to make this a no-brainer when it comes to ticket sales. Plus, who wouldn’t want to hear “Kashmir” done by the SRO?

Guest vocalists: Ann Wilson, Kaylee Cole, Ben Gibbard

Pearl Jam

I have a feeling that a night of Nirvana would simply be too cliche in Seattle, so why not try Pearl Jam instead? There’s a wealth of material to choose from and I’m guessing the Pearl Jam guys would be cool with SRO handling their songs with care.

Guest vocalists: Chris Cornell, Mark Arm, Kristen Ward

Neil Young

Since Canada is our neighbor to the north why not extend some good old fashioned Northwest hospitality to our mayonnaise-loving friends (Seriously, they dip French fries in mayo. Yuck.) by having the SRO tribute the finest musician to ever come out of Canada.

Guest vocalists: Robin Pecknold, Eddie Vedder, Rachel Flotard


Perhaps no one on this list is more deserving of a tribute than the Purple One. All of his hits were massive (even “Batdance”) and all would sound great with an orchestral treatment (even”Batdance”). The SRO needs to make  this happen.

Guest vocalists: Shawn Smith, Beth Ditto,  John Van Deusen

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