Spoon set to bring multifaceted rock to the Moore Theatre

Spoon is one of the more interesting bands in the indie universe.

On the surface the band can be placed into the grouping of modern indie bands like Vampire Weekend, Surfer Blood and others that have received critical acclaim this year. Transference, the band’s latest album which was released in January, definitely makes it easy to lump Spoon in with those types of artists. But if you dig a bit further you’ll find a multifaceted band that is capable of more than just your standard indie rock sound. Give Telephono or the Soft Effects EP a listen and then spin Transference and you’ll get my point.

I first started listening to Spoon back in 2005 when they made a big splash with their Gimme Fiction record. Then I found out lead Spoonman Britt Daniels relocated from Austin, Texas to Portland, Oregon so I started paying more attention to the band’s back catalog given its Northwest connection.

Here is some of what I discovered along with some newer material. Hopefully this will be some of what you will hear when Spoon starts a two-night stint at the Moore Theatre Friday night. Tickets for both shows costs $27.50 with Mikachu and the Shapes and Deerhunter opening.

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