Gorge Amphitheatre to get new stage, ‘overhaul’ to front of house

Earlier today Live Nation announced that there will be some big changes to the Gorge Amphitheatre. Namely the stage and rigging systems are  being replaced with upgraded models. The work is being done by Mountain Productions.

The old stage has been a recognizable part of the unique backdrop at the Gorge for many years,” Danny Wilde, Senior vice president for Live Nation venues in the Pacific Northwest said in a press release. “But the needs of the modern touring production have outgrown the old guy, so it is time to replace it with a new system that will ensure Live Nation is able to continue to bring the biggest and the best touring artists in the world to this unbelievable location.”

Along with replacing the stage, the project also involves improvements to the backstage facilities as well as improvements to the front of the venue. The new stage is the first phase of a “lengthy plan to overhaul the front of the house,” according to Live Nation officials. No futher details about what these improvements involve was provided. I’ve sent an email to Live Nation asking for additional information and I will update this post if I get a response. Pictured above is a new roof for Gorge Amphitehatre stage being installed.

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