Stream Pearl Jam’s famous 1994 Atlanta concert

Do you remember the first time you heard Pearl Jam’s 1994 concert from Atlanta’s Fox Theatre?

I do. I was sitting in my bedroom in my old hood of Shoreline with my ears attentively peeled to KNDD during a Monkeywrench Radio. If you’re not familiar with Monkeywrench Radio, it was an event when Pearl Jam would take over the airwaves of radio stations nationwide and broadcast various b-sides, live cuts and in-studio performances. This was before the Internet hit the mainstream (yes kids, there was such a time) so it was a pretty big deal for a band to do something like that back in the day. Anyway, I’m pretty sure the band played all of the Fox Theatre show during one of those broadcasts. Or at least I think they did. Correct me if I’m wrong Ten Clubbers.

Now you can listen to one of the more storied early Pearl Jam concerts anytime you like over at Wolfgang’s Vault where it is streaming for free. Hopefully the site will add more vintage PJ sets to its amazing catalog.

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