Stir the Blood stirs the crowd: The Bravery @ Showbox at the Market 11.09.09

Sometimes a little exposure can go a long way when it comes to launching a band’s career. Case and point: The Bravery.

The last time The Bravery performed in Seattle they were on the big stage at KeyArena opening for Green Day. Last week the band played to a sold-out crowd at Showbox at the Market. Selling out the Showbox is something the New York band would’ve eventually done without the exposure because their brand of new wave rock is contagious and fun, but I’m sure sharing the stage with Billie Joe, Tre and Mike helped speed things up a bit.

Regardless of how they got to a rightly deserved headlining gig at the Showbox, The Bravery sounded like a well-oiled, road-tested machine and the all-ages crowd ate up every second of the band’s 75-minute set. Singer Sam Endicot was charismatic and energetic and the rest of the band matched his efforts which brought needed liveliness to some of the band’s tracks that sound a little dull on record. Adding to the liveliness was a white curtain backdrop that displayed images from a projector that was in the back of the room, but really it was the music that sold me on the band. The Bravery had the crowd (which didn’t need to be sold on the band’s merits btw) dancing and singing along to every word of “Public Service Announcement,” “Believe” and just about every other song of the set. In fact, during “An Honest Mistake” the spring-supported floor of The Showbox was moving thanks to the throng of dance-crazed kids.

The Bravery also performed a few of songs from its upcoming album Stir The Blood (in stores Dec. 1) including the current single “Slow Poison” and the unfortunately named “Hatefuck.” The latter carries an danceable groove, much like most of The Bravery’s catalog, and was a pleasant part of the group’s set despite the song’s not-so-friendly name. If the three new songs I heard are any indication of what Stir The Blood sounds like the band might have a hit record on its hands which means you might be seeing The Bravery at a bigger venue the next time they pass through town.

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