It’s official: Sunny Day Real Estate reunites, playing Seattle Oct. 16


As reported earlier today on Ear Candy the Web site:

Looks like all the rumors are true. Seminal post-grunge Seattle group Sunny Day Real Estate is reuniting. (UPDATE: They will be performing at the Paramount Theatre Oct. 16. Tickets cost $28 and go on sale next week.)

The reunion isn’t just a one-off show as the band looks to be in full touring mode. According to Live Nation’s Web site, SDRE has a show scheduled for The Fillmore in San Francisco on Oct. 13. The news of this show comes after a concert promoting company in Utah called Kollective posted news of a SDRE show in Utah on Twitter.

Rumors of a reunion were started back in April when the band reportedly started rehearsing and planning out a national tour. Reportedly Sunny Day Real Estate singer Jeremy Enigk has been coyly talking about a potential reunion but no official statements about the band getting back together have been made.

For those unfamiliar with SDRE the band got together in 1992 and released “Diary” in 1994. Unfortunately, after a few lineup changes and some reported struggles with its label, Sub Pop, the group disbanded in 2001. The original SDRE lineup included Enigk. Nate Mendel, William Goldsmith and Dan Hoerner and they are credited with being one of the grandfathers of emo. Now before you go blaming these guys for AFI, My Chemcial Romance and all those other emo bands, they aren’t responsible for that type of emo. Think more along the lines of “Pinkerton” emo and you’ve got it.

If a few of those names in their lineup sound familiar it’s because Mendel is the bass player in Foo Fighters and Goldsmith used to the drummer for the Foos before he left the group and some guy named Taylor Hawkins stepped in behind the kit. Oh yeah, and Enigk has had a pretty decent solo career too (His latest effort “OK Bear” is by far one of the best local records released this year) but not as noteworthy as the non-SDRE days of Hawkins and Goldsmith.

Since the band is playing at the Paramount in October, it looks like the rumors that they will be at Bumbershoot this year as reported here on Ear Candy and over at The Stranger’s Line Out blog are not true. We’ll see when Bumbershoot’s complete lineup is revealed in the middle of July.

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