And the winner is … The results of the 2009 Squatchies!, plus Canadians


The votes have been tallied and the results are in. Here are the winners of the 2009 Squatchies!, Ear Candy’s annual Sasquatch! awards, as voted on by you, the readers. You can check out all the categories and the nominees by clicking here for round one, click here for round two and click here for round three.

Wish You Were Here: The set you missed while you were watching something else

of Montreal

Looks like while festivalgoers were watching angry Trent Reznor and the rest of NIN tear it up on the main stage they were bummed they were missing of Montreals awesome stage theatrics.

Cover Me: Best cover song of the weekend

Gaslight Anthem “State of Love and Trust”

The cover song Ear Candy couldn’t stand was voted a favorite by readers.

Biggest surprise: The band that gave you something you weren’t expecting

The Decemberists playing The Hazards of Love in full

Colin Meloy and his lit rock crew beat out King Khan, Monotonix and Kings of Leon by performing their entire new album from front to back.

Star in the Making: The band that will one day be among Sasquatch! headliners

Mt St Helens Vietnam Band

Score one for the hometown boys as their set, which was one of the more delightful performances of the weekend, nabbed them a Squatchie!

Best dance party: The group that put ants in your pants and made you want to dance outside of the dance tent

Girl Talk

The mashup mastery of Greg Gillis cannot be denied when it comes to making people shake their asses

Reppin’ the Northwest: The best performance by a local band

Fleet Foxes

Last year’s winner of the Star in the Making Squatchie! made the Northwest proud with songs that sounded as gorgeous as the Gorge itself.

Biggest Disappointment: The one thing you wish you could change about Sasquatch! 2009

Lack of shaded areas

You hear that Live Nation? The people want more shade. Please make this happen next year, or at least bring back the misting areas.

Biggest improvement: The change that made the most difference

The comedy/dance tent getting bigger and bringing in bigger names

Again, are you listening Live Nation? People like to laugh and they like to shake their asses too. Oh, and apparently they like shade too (hence the tent).

Best Performance: The set that blew all others out of the water

The couple who had naked sex during the Decemberists

The only way to top having naked sex at the Gorge is to do it out in the open for everyone to see.

Worst performance: The set you really wished you didn’t sit through

Airborne Toxic Event

If you saw any part of this set you know it was bad. Really, really bad.




This year’s Bigfoot Lifetime Achievement Award, which is given to the group that has contributed the most to Sasquatch! over the years, goes to our friends from the Great White North.

Yes, Canadians, we’ve jokingly bashed you in the past and one of your brethern actually won a Squatchie! back in 2006 (the Mr. Cool award, which wasn’t given out this year), but this year you really outdid yourselves. Every Canadian Ear Candy met was flat out fun to be around, especially the dancing guy (see video below).

You drove hundreds of miles (and some of you thousands, you know who you are you Newfies) to help bolster the U.S. economy by trading in your Loonies and funny colored Monopoly money for cold, hard American cash which you proceeded to spend on lots and lots of $9 beers (most of which were Molson Ices I’m pretty sure). You laughed with us, you danced with us and you drank and you drank and you drank with us. Now we know how you’re able to stay so warm in the winter on the other side of the border.

So this BLAA is for you Canadians. Thanks for making this year’s Sasquatch! a fun and memorable event. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. Click here for the one-man dance party that is the Canadian Sasquatch! dancing guy.

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