Sasquatach! 2009 Day 3 (another perspective): Silversun Pickups, Girl Talk, Explosions in the Sky, Erykah Badu

Here’s the final Sasquatch! dispatch from Ear Candy’s Brent Stecker.

Girl Talk by Christopher Nelson

Silversun Pickups

On a day that was dominated by folk and dance-related acts, these shoegazers seemed out of place. There was nothing wrong with what they did, but they would have been better suited on Sunday’s bill with the whole NIN/JA thing. But even though the crowd was worn out by the time they showed up, Silversun Pickups kept the energy up as much as they could (smart move opening with “Well Thought Out Twinkles”). Also, I thought it was classy that they dedicated “Panic Switch” to former Wilco member Jay Bennett, who passed away on Monday, but the nice gesture subsided when the guitar cut out during the song. Still, they rock. No qualms here.

Girl Talk

Now this was THE dance party of the weekend. The set started with dozens of fans on the stage dancing, and about an hour of almost non-stop music followed. For those not familiar, Girl Talk is Gregg Gillis, a DJ who just does crazy mashups — and people love it.

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Girl Talk photo by Christopher Nelson

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