Sasquatch! 2009 Day 2: The Henry Clay People, St Vincent

The Henry Clay People

I don’t know who Henry Clay is but his people sure do know how to throw a good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll dance party. Fronted by two brothers, the four-piece played a rollicking romp of a set filled with plenty of garage rock goodness.

They told the crowd two weeks ago they all quit their day jobs in order to go on tour. Then they proceeded to play a song they wrote about quitting their jobs to be in a rock band. That’s pretty rock ‘n’ roll right there. Need more proof of The Henry Clay People’s commitment to the Gods of Rock ‘n’ Roll? Their set ended with a lyrical medley that included some Bowie, Stones and The Who.

St Vincent

The last time I saw St Vincent was at Bumbershoot 2007. She was performing solo with just a guitar and I was riveted by her amazing voice. She performed with a full band at Sasquatch! and I found myself as enchanted with her vocals Sunday as I was two years ago. But not only is St Vincent’ voice great, she is also extremely endearing.

She wanted the crowd to clap along during one song but she wanted it to be just right so she started and stopped the beginning of the song four times. But this wasn’t because the crowd’s clapping was off. She did so because she couldn’t get the tempo right and seemed to want everyone to experience the best St Vincent set she could deliver. It wasn’t a perfectionist diva moment. It was a fan-friendly gesture to make sure the people she was including in her performance were getting the best experience possible. How could you not like that?

Later in the day she showed up during comedian Zack Galifianakis’ set (which wasn’t that funny btw) to sing a not-so-funny song about a train.

St Vincent photo by Christopher Nelson

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