Follow me on Twitter all day Saturday for updates from The Dead at The Gorge

I am heading to the Gorge for its season opener today. It’s a quadruple bill of bands that features three major classic rock acts (The Dead, Allman Brothers and The Doobie Brothers) and one local band that will one day be up there in the upper echelons of classic rockers like The Eagles, Tom Petty and CCR. You can read all about it next week or follow my updates from the shows (with photos) on Twitter all day Saturday (I am @earcandyblog on Twitter).

The local band being referred to is Port Angeles’ The Lonely H. Their new album "Concrete Class" is due June 9 and it is one helluva effort for four guys who are barely old enough to drink (actually, only one member is of drinking age). You’ll read more about the record on this site as it gets closer to the release date, for check out the video for "The River," off "Concrete Class" which is above.

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