Pearl Jam playing Seattle soon? Still on to possibly headline Bumbershoot?

A while back Ear Candy tried to fuel the rumor that a small local band you may have heard of named Pearl Jam would be headlining this year’s Bumbershoot festival.

Well, turns out I was wrong. Or at least maybe I was wrong.

You see, I did officially hear from the Bumbershoot camp and they did tell me that Pearl Jam is NOT headlining this year’s festival.

So why am I maybe wrong about Pearl Jam headlining Bumbershoot?Well, PJ is playing some shows at the end of August in Chicago and Toronto. Bumbershoot is the first weekend in September. That means they will be on the road when Bumbershoot is happening, which means there still a slight chance they are slated for Bumbershoot. Or at least it means there is a strong possibility of a Seattle date soon.

Does this mean I am calling the Bumbershoot peeps liars? No, not at all. Because currently Pearl Jam is not headlining Bumbershoot. It is the Bumbershoot peeps’ jobs to not leak the details of the lineup to the public or press and for all I know the Bumbershoot folks are still booking the festival.

So while Pearl Jam was not headlining Bumbershoot as of a few weeks ago when I asked about the possibility of PJ playing the show, they could be on the bill now considering their North American fall tour is beginning to take shape.

Is Pearl Jam headlining Bumbershoot this year as of today? No.

Is there still a chance they could be headlining Bumbershoot this year? Maybe.

We’ll just have to wait until the full lineup is released in the coming months to find out.

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