REVIEW: Weezer @ KeyArena

I spent my Saturday night rocking out with the goofy guys in Weezer at KeyArena. You can read my review by clicking here.

Here are some side notes that didn’t make it into the review:

  • Rivers Cuomo introduced “Undone (The Sweater Song)” by reciting his grandmother’s recipe for oatmeal. It was very strange, but not the strangest thing that happened during the show.
  • Rivers barely sang throughout the night. During “My Name Is Jonas,” the opening song which was sung by Pat Wilson, Brian Bell and Scott Shiner, Rivers only chimed in at the end of the song. He sang the last line in Spanish. “Me yamo Jonas.”
  • The crowd was mostly all teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18. I swear I was one of the oldest people at the show and I am a mere 30. It is great to see =W= transcend generations and appeal to a younger fanbase, but I was surprised to not see many old school Weezer fans.
  • On that same note, “Pork And Beans” got the loudest ovation of the night. All of the new material got a massive response from the crowd. Apparently, the young ‘uns need to brush up on their Weezer back catalogue.
  • Opener Angels & Airwaves (or, as I like to call them, Blink 180-U2) tried hard to produce an epic concert performance but the results were mixed. It felt too scripted, and singer Tom DeLonge seems like he’s lost his charisma from his Blink-182 days. But, again, the younger crowd appreciated the set. There were a lot of Blink-182 shirts in the crowd, which could have been a reason for the big response A&A received. Later in the set DeLonge duetted with Rivers during “Undone (The Sweater Song).”
  • Every time Rivers did a guitar slide in the direction of Scott Shriner, he seemed to linger, playing on his knees until Shriner made eye contact with him. It looked like he was fishing for acknowledgement and acceptance from Shriner.
  • Longtime Weezer Webmaster and friend Karl Koch (sp?) joined the band on stage to play the synthesizer for one song.
  • Rivers is a crazy dancer and somehow has become one of the more engaging frontmen in rock. He headbanged during solos and when he danced he completely spazzed out in a way similar to how Thom Yorke spazzes out, but in a more rock-appropriate manner. He hopped, twitched and ran around like a 5-year-old buzzing on one too many juice boxes. As my wife said “Uh-oh, looks like Rivers got into the Mountain Dew and Red Bull.”
  • During the cover of “Sliver” Cuomo came out wearing a Motley Crue shirt and a green headband. Combine those things with his moustache (which Rivers wears as an ode to his father now that he has a kid of his own because Rivers’ dad always wore a moustache when Rivers was growing up) and his growing bald spot and he’s beginning to really look the rock star part.

So that was part of my =W= experience. To read the whole review click here in case you haven’t already.

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