Chinese Democracy to be released Nov. 23

Billboard is reporting Axl Rose’s “Chinese Democracy” record will be released Nov. 23 and will be sold exclusively at Best Buy.

This of course begs the question of whether everyone in the country will get a free Dr. Pepper as promised by the folks at Dr. Pepper.

I’ve heard some of the leaked material and back in 2002 I saw some new songs performed live at the Tacoma Dome (it was one of the most awesome concert experiences of my life) and I’ll say that if what I’ve heard is “Chinese Democracy” then I’m not that impressed. The material isn’t all that bad, but it really isn’t exceptionally good.

My prediction is that Pitchfork will give the record a snarky 4.2 rating and Rolling Stone will rate it at a 3.5 and call it Axl’s way of attempting to forge new ground musically while staying to the Gus N Roses formula that he’s been successful with in the past.

I’ll also go out on a limb and say the record will sell a whole bunch of copies, especially since it is being sold at Best Buy around Thanksgiving time and that the tour behind the record will flop because fans will realize the record isn’t all that good.

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