Neil Young coming to Everett, Pearl Jam to open?

You may have noticed that Spin The Black Circle was missing in action the last few days. Well, unfortunately, there were some issues with servers over at the Sun that caused a temporary problem with my access to STBC. But now everything is fixed and all is well, so here’s some news about Neil Young’s upcoming Everett show that you may or may not already know.

The legendary Neil Young will perform at Comcast Arena in Everett on Oct. 21. Local boys Death Cab For Cutie were scheduled to open for Mr. Young, but according to Pitchfork the Everett show is the one show on the half of the tour that has Death Cab for support where DCFC is not opening.

That begs the question: Who is opening for Neil Young?

Tickets for the show range between $45 and $250 so you know the opener has to be pretty good, or at least be somewhat of a big name, to merit ticket prices that high.

Wilco is opening for Neil Young on the second half of the tour, so maybe it is Wilco. Or, maybe it is some local band that has close ties to Neil Young. A band that considers Neil Young to be their rock ‘n’ roll uncle. A fairly large band that has played a few shows this year but hasn’t played any Northwest shows in 2008. What band could that be?

If I had to guess, and this is based on no inside information whatsoever, I would guess Pearl Jam.

But like I said, I have no inside info on this so this should be considered strictly a rumor.

4 thoughts on “Neil Young coming to Everett, Pearl Jam to open?

  1. As an avid Pearl Jam fan and fanclub member for seventeen years I know there is no possible way Eddie and the band would charge upwards of $250 per ticket. Pearl Jam caters to their fan base and does not believe in overcharging for tickets. It is highly doubtful that Pearl Jam would open for Neil at those ticket prices even though Vedder is great friends with him…just my opinion…jackie

  2. I saw this rumor on the message pit from someone who claimed to have inside info… I called the “press box” seating number of the arena and asked if they would be selling press box tix for the pearl jam/neil young show, she said they were, i asked who else was on the bill besides PJ and Neil Young… she said Pearl Jam, Neil Young, and Everest… I called the box office later and asked what seating diagram they would be using fro the show, because they had several… I specified I was interested in the Pearl Jam/Neil Young show…. she started to answer, and I asked if Pearl Jam reserved fan club tix, or if the floor would bwe general admission, she said GA floor, then put me on hold, she came back and said her supervisor told her Pearl Jam was NOT playing the show and that they would be in Chicago that day…. now FOR SURE that is bullshit, it sounds like they are told not to say anything about PJ…. give the arena a call and see what they tell you, but something is up for sure.

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