The connection between Gov. Chris Gregoire, Barack Obama and Endfest 17

Note: The original version of this post incorrectly stated the company that owns The End. The information has been replaced with the correct company.

As mentioned Wednesday night, Endfest 17 will be happening Sept. 13 at Marymoor Park. Also mentioned earlier this week was the appearance of links to the campaigns of Gov. Chris Gregoire and Barack Obama on the festival’s Web site.

So what’s the deal with the sudden possible political slant on the annual summer music festival? Is The End (an Entercom station) officially endorsing candidates? Will money from ticket sales go to the campaigns of Obama and Gregoire?

I zipped an e-mail to Joe Hammill, the station’s promotions director inquiring about the connection to the upcoming election. Here is his response:

Just showing a little support. Since it’s political theme we are really not showing favoritism and the event is open to any candidate that wishes to attend our event and reach our listeners.

So there you have it, no partisanship on The End’s behalf. All candidates are welcome. I wonder if this means McCain and Rossi will have a presence at Marymoor Park come Sept. 13 too.

One thought on “The connection between Gov. Chris Gregoire, Barack Obama and Endfest 17

  1. anyone cool enough to go to endfest is obviously not gonna vote for McSame or Rossi. They want to go to the next endfest, not be drafted into the next ridiculous nation building exercise in futility..

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