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Cabin Fever Strikes

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?

You’ve had all the quality time with your loved ones you can stand for the next five years.

You’ve played every board game in the house.

You’re actually getting sick of “C.S.I.”

You’re out of groceries and the red goo at the bottom of the meat drawer is starting to look pretty tasty.

Your dog is starting to look pretty tasty.

You’ve started having conversations with your cat … and he answers you … in complete sentences.

If your children sing, “Let it Snow,” one more time, you will start having conversations with the red goo in the bottom of the meat drawer.

You will need a driver’s ed refresher course when this is all over.

You actually look forward to rain.

You could be suffering from cabin fever.

So what are your symptoms, and anyone know any good antidotes?

Port Orchard City Hall Opens at 10 a.m. Today, Dec. 23

This from Lary Coppola:

The City of Port Orchard will delay opening City Hall to the public until 10 a.m., Tuesday, Dec. 23 due to the weather. Also, the council meeting scheduled for tonight has been rescheduled for 7 p.m. on Dec. 30. More information on additional weather-related delays and closures will be available at the city’s Web site, usually by 6 a.m. on each morning.

South Kitsap Snow Report

Snowy Bridge
South Kitsap Snow Saturday night (Dec. 20, 2008)

Snow report, Sunday, Dec. 21, 2008

Snow, which had tapered off in the morning, picked up again around noon in South Kitsap, resulting in further accumulation. As of Sunday at 2 p.m., the Sunnyslope area had a foot of snow total accumulation (since Wednesday).

The main roads were plowed, thanks to crews working through the night in Port Orchard. One driver, Daniel Woods of South Kitsap, had driven all the way from Tacoma with no problem, only to get snagged in deep snow on the shoulder at the corner of Sedgwick and Sidney roads.

“I just came around the corner. I wasn’t even going that fast. I got my front tire stuck in the deep snow, and it just pulled my tires off the road,” Woods said.

Woods, his brother Art Burnett and Chris Simonson, who works at Port Orchard Market near where the car got stuck, dug the tires free, and Woods was on his way.

Woods said Highway 16 from Tacoma was passable but down to a single lane in some areas.

At Van Zee Park in Port Orchard, sledders and snow boarders took advantage of the deep snow and steep hill below the water tower.

“I love it. I wish it would stay around longer,” said Larry Mitchell, there with his daughter Marly and dog Jose. “I like it better than rain.”

“It’s awesome,” said snowboarder Travis Larson. “This is the most snow I’ve seen around here in a long time, since 1996.”

Larson and buddies Logan Davis and Nathan Arns said the quality of the snow was every bit good as at Crystal Mountain … and the price was right.

Among the businesses that remained open despite the snow, Big 5 sporting goods in Port Orchard was doing brisk business in all manner of snow gear and equipment. The store sold out of sleds Saturday, but was expecting a new shipment Monday, manager Shelly Miranti said. Propane and heavy socks were other hot sellers (pun intended).

Below: A ruler in a yard at McCormick Woods showed 10.5 inches of snow at 8:30 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 21, 2008. As snow has continued to fall all afternoon, I’m pretty sure we’ve got a foot by now. (Submit your snow pix, videos and comments at kitsapsun.com. Stay warm. Is everyone out there OK?

Snow 10.5 inches