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Last Call to Sound Off on South Kitsap Schools Budget

South Kitsap School Board to Hold Final Hearing on 2008/09 Budget

Board will use district’s reserve fund to make up more than half of a nearly $3 million deficit.
By Chris Henry
The South Kitsap School District Board of Directors on Wednesday will hold a final public hearing on its proposed $102 million budget for the 2008/09 school year.
The board could adopt the budget the same night. Its deadline for budget adoption is Aug. 31.
The board proposes to make up more than half – $1.7 million – of a projected $3 million general fund deficit by using its reserve fund. General fund appropriations are proposed at $97 million.
The remainder of the deficit will be made up through moderate cuts spread throughout various departments and funds. No outright layoffs are expected this year, although – with deficits projected into the foreseeable future – a significant reduction in staff is expected in the 2009/10 school year, according to Terri Patton, assistant superintendent for business and support services.
The district this year will save $300,000 by not filling vacated positions, by reducing special education staff contracts to adjust for enrollment and reducing hours in an accounting position.
More than $300,000 will be saved by a 10 percent across the board reduction in “non-employee-related” costs, such as paper, copying equipment and miscellaneous supplies. The reduction is likely to be felt in schools, which haven’t absorbed such a hit since the district failed to pass a levy and lacked supplemental funding in the 2000/01 school year.
“Cost shifting,” transferring expenses such as laundry, transportation and storage, directly to departments, will save another $134,000. But the effect will be felt by students as the cost is passed on to them. The board has already approved an increase in lunch prices.
As the board considers how much to ask of voters in a February measure to replace the district’s expiring maintenance and operations levy, they will look to replenishing the reserve fund. The district’s goal is to maintain the fund at or above three percent of the total budget.
The reserve fund ended last year $1 million higher than expected due to higher than expected property tax revenue among other factors. The district will tap the reserve fund by an additional $720,000 above the $1 million to balance the budget for the upcoming school year.
Copies of the proposed budget will be available at the meeting. For information on the budget call (360) 874-7012 or e-mail patton@skitsap.wednet.edu.

Give Your Kids a Shot in the Arm

South Kitsap School District, in cooperation with the Kitsap County Health District, will offer free (costing nada) immunizations at its back-to-school celebration on Saturday.

The Kitsap Sun recently ran an article on new immunization requirements for sixth graders. And in May, there was a comprehensive article about new school immunization requirements and how confusing they can be for parents.

In recent years, school districts have been spending more and more time riding herd on families whose children are missing vaccinations/immunizations. In the May article, Janet Kauzlarich, immunization coordinator for the health district said, “People need to be thinking about it now, not waiting until the last minute.” Each year, the health district gets a surge of patients needing shots in August and September.

Check with your school district about upcoming back-to-school events where you may be able to access free vaccinations. Here’s the information on South Kitsap’s event.

SKSD to Hold Back-to-School Celebration
South Kitsap School District will hold its fourth annual Back-to-School Celebration from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Aug. 16 at the South Kitsap High School track.
The event will feature performances by the district’s Summer Band, SKHS Cheerleaders, Just For
Kicks, the Academy of Dance, and Cultural Dancers led by Ruth Loihle. The day will culminate in a kids’ parade led by the South Kitsap Community Band and the SKSD Summer Band.
Booths from organizations, businesses, and schools will line the track with kid-centered displays, demonstrations, and activities. There will also be hands-on games, art projects and school bus rides.
All activities and performances are free. All students must be accompanied by an adult.
SKSD, in cooperation with the Kitsap County Health District, will offer free immunizations at the event.
The celebration is part of the district-wide Family Friendly Schools Initiative begun during the 2004-05 school year. The initiative is a nation-wide program created to enhance student learning by encouraging family engagement and fostering two-way communication between the families and schools.
For more information, contact Aimee Warthen at (360) 874-7002.

Donate School Supplies in South Kitsap

Summary: Places to donate school supplies for low-income kids: South Kitsap Helpline, Starbuck’s on Lund Avenue South Kitsap School District main office or any SK School.

I received this item from Sally Santana, Kitsap Sun religion columnist, who is an advocate for the homeless.

Sally writes:

Friends, SK Helpline needs school supplies & backpacks for our low-income and homeless kids. They are distributing them out August 25 to 29. If you can help, drop off items at the food bank or Vintage to Vogue Store, or mail in a check with “School Supplies” in the memo line, to:
South Kitsap Helpline
1351 Bay St.
Port Orchard, WA 998366

Me again:

And according to South Kitsap School District, the Starbuck’s on Lund Avenue is also collecting for supplies to be distributed through Helpline. The district is also collecting supplies and donations.

Callie Travis of the District writes:

Last year over 26% of SKSD kids qualified for government lunch programs.
Schools provided lunch when their parents could not afford to.
Help us collect enough school supplies to help each of these families.
Purchase any amount of basic school supplies and donate here
for a local boy or girl in need.
Make a monetary donation for the purchase of supplies at any
South Kitsap school.
Contact Callie Travis, Community Relations assistant, for more
information and other ways you can support our schoolchildren.
Please call 360-874-7003 or email travisc@skitsap.wednet.edu.