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Signs of the Times: Cheap Thrills on Memorial Day Weekend

Don’t all drop your marshmallow sticks to read this blog, but if you’re around and near a computer, check out this timely message I found on Bethel Road.
With the price of gas now edging at or above $4 a gallon, I’m guessing there are other folks out there like our family enjoying a stay-at-home Memorial Day weekend. Our biggest splurge will be four trips to Puyallup for my son’s soccer tourney – five if he makes the playoffs.

Here’s how I’ve been spending the weekend (without spending too much on gas):

This morning is was raining, a Memorial Day weekend tradition in which Northwesterners pretend it’s seasonable weather for camping. But yesterday, miracle of miracles, it was sunny and 70s. So I sat in a lawn chair sipping a cool drink and pretended I had driven for hours to an upscale resort – worked pretty well except for the sound of my neighbor pressure washing his driveway. (Cheers, Bob! I know, we did it last weekend.)

Fortunately none of us has to drive very far to find a trail to hike on. Banner Forest, South Kitsap Community Park and Manchester Park all have well-kept trails within a reasonable distance of most South Kitsap homes. Walking in the woods is my ultimate cheap thrill, and when I’m done, I don’t even have to take down the tent.

What have you been doing this holiday weekend? Did you alter your usual plans because of the price of gas? How will the economy affect your summer vacation?

Happy Memorial Day, CTH