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Cabin Fever Strikes

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?

You’ve had all the quality time with your loved ones you can stand for the next five years.

You’ve played every board game in the house.

You’re actually getting sick of “C.S.I.”

You’re out of groceries and the red goo at the bottom of the meat drawer is starting to look pretty tasty.

Your dog is starting to look pretty tasty.

You’ve started having conversations with your cat … and he answers you … in complete sentences.

If your children sing, “Let it Snow,” one more time, you will start having conversations with the red goo in the bottom of the meat drawer.

You will need a driver’s ed refresher course when this is all over.

You actually look forward to rain.

You could be suffering from cabin fever.

So what are your symptoms, and anyone know any good antidotes?