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Friday Afternoon Club: An Afternoon of Fine Art and Music

The Senior Action Committee will present an afternoon of fine art and music from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Town Square Mall, 1700 Mile Hill Road in Port Orchard.

In an earlier e-mail, they solicited “senior” exhibitors 50+. If, like me, you are in the 50+ group, you may not consider yourself a “senior.” It’s interesting how the term “senior” like adolescent has grown to cover a broader range of people in recent decades. Used to be you were briefly a teen, then you a got a job; then you were an adult until you retired. Then you were “old.” Then you died.

Now kids are termed preadolescent as young as 9. And AARP starts courting new membership after they’ve barely turned 50. On the other end, young people in their early 20s could still be thought of as adolescent. And “senior” applies to people, many of them remarkable active, into their 100s and beyond.

So if you’re hung up on the word “senior” get over it. It’s just a way to describe a large, diverse group, many of whom are much more active than people of comparable age in previous generations.

OK, more about the event. It will include handicrafts and photography. There will be raffles, food specials and plenty of free parking.

Special guests will include Port Orchard Mayor Lary Coppola, Rep. Jan Angel, and Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido, all of whom qualify as seniors.

If you are younger than 50, you should come anyway and see how the Old Pharts roll. Hopefully, you’ll see it’s not so scary to get “old.”

Friday Afternoon Club: Sew What?

South Kitsap resident Sharon Demianiw has organized a Cut, Sew and Serge Party to benefit American Patchwork Quilting Magazine’s Million Pillowcase Challenge starting at 10 a.m. Saturday at Bremerton’s Pacific Fabric Store, 4214 Wheaton Way.

I won’t be attending the event because the last time I took up a needle was to unskillfully sew on a button … in 1998.

I admire people who sew, like my late mother-in-law, who made clothing for the entire family. Demianiw, an avid quilter, and other members of the Port Orchard West Sound Quilt League apparently are of that ilk, and they’re sewing for a worthy cause. The magazine’s goal is that “sewers ( pronounced so-ers and not to be confused with waste disposal-type sewers) around the world will donate pillowcases hand made with love to their local charities totaling 1 million by January 2011.”

Numbers of donated pillowcases are reported to the official Web site (all people but people like me, whose then-fiance once laughed out loud at a shirt I made for him, trying to follow in his mother’s footsteps). So far, they’ve logged 35,296 pillowcases.

“I couldn’t resist joining the challenge,” Damianiw said.

Better her than me. But you go girl!

“We are well on our way with no projected end date in mind. In fact, the project has taken on a life of its own with individuals contacting me to suggest the possibility of involving local high school students or quilters at Mission Creek Women’s Prison,” she said.

The group so far has completed 76 pillowcases and has assembled pillowcase kits ready for the making. They’ll use an assembly line process to step up production. The plan is to donate the pillowcases to a local woman’s shelter.

They are collecting pillows to go with the pillowcases, and are looking for other sewing groups to get involved. The Heirloom Quilt Shop in Poulsbo is a drop-off point for pillowcases.

If you want to join this serge of manic pillow-case crafting, show up at the event or call Pacific Fabrics at (360) 479-4214.

Friday Afternoon Club: Catch Debbie Macomber’s “Miracle”

By Chris Henry
“Mrs. Miracle,” a heartwarming holiday movie based on the book by South Kitsap author Debbie Macomber, will premiere Saturday at the Historic Orchard Theatre, 822 Bay St.
The event, followed by a black-tie reception at Kitsap Bank, is a fundraiser for the South Kitsap High School Band, which will play in the 2010 Tournament of Roses Parade, and for Kitsap Regional Library.
Macomber will appear at the premiere, along with the two young Canadian actors, Valin Shinyei and Michael Strusievici, who star in the film.
In the movie, James Van Der Beek, formerly of “Dawson’s Creek,” plays a widower and father to six-year-old twins (Shinyei and Strusievici). Their new housekeeper, Mrs. Emily Merkle ( Doris Roberts) works her magical touch on their home and lives.
The film will be shown Dec. 5 on the Hallmark Channel.
Shannon Childs, a member of the Cedar Cove Association, approached Macomber’s publicist during Cedar Cove Days, Port Orchard’s celebration of Macomber’s work, about the possibility of showing “Mrs. Miracle” in the author’s hometown. Hallmark was open to the idea, but no profit could be derived from the showing, hence the fundraiser.
Tickets for the premiere and reception, at a cost of $50 per person, are available at Kitsap Bank, 619 Bay St. A limited number of tickets may be available at the door, said Childs.
Doors open at 4:30 p.m. The movie starts at 5 p.m.
The event is hosted by the Cedar Cove Association and Kitsap Bank. For tickets, contact or (360) 876-7883.

Friday Afternoon Club: When Halloween Costumes Go Bad

Many of you know that I live in McCormick Woods, but you may not know the reason we moved here is for Halloween. The streets are wide,the houses close together and the neighbors (usually) generous, making it a great place to trick-or-treat. And I’m not telling you what hundreds of families in South Kitsap don’t already know.

We came to McCormick Woods many a Halloween before moving here in 2002. But I was especially excited to make great costumes for the kids our first year in the neighborhood. (Cue ominous music here.)

Now, I’m no good with a sewing machine, but I do have an active imagination. The martian costume I made out of a cardboard box, worn on the head, had holes for the eyes and pipe cleaners for antenae. Who needs Walmart? I’ve got the recycle bin.

Then there was the eyeball costume I made out of a plastic garbage bag filled with crumpled newspaper. I drew veins and lashes on the plastic with a felt-tip pen. The costume, inflicted on … uh, worn by my youngest, was effective, but he rustled loudly as he walked.

The year we moved into McCormick Woods, I decided said youngest son should be a mummy. My material of choice … toilet paper.

My son is 14 now and trying to make a good impression on his junior high friends. He gave me permission to relate this story if I made it clear he was an innocent bystander in the whole affair and had nothing to do with it other than a mad desire for candy.

So I wrapped him in the toilet paper head to toe. It took three rolls. For added effect, I drizzled him with red food coloring. Ta-da! I put Martha Stewart to shame.

Off went said youngest son among the prim hedgerows and manicured lawns of McWoods looking for all the world, I realized in horror, like a … well, lets just say it was far from tasteful.

Too late, and anyway, at 7 he was oblivious to anything but rushing to ring the next doorbell. Then it began to rain. My son continued his quest, leaving wads of gory toilet paper in his wake.

The moral of this story is: next year, use two-ply.

Oh, wait, he’s too old to trick-or-treat. I need more victims … uh, grandchildren.

Happy Halloween. Stop by and visit me if you dare!

Chris Henry, South Kitsap reporter and costume maker extraordinaire

Friday Afternoon Club: Cedar Cove to Pirate’s Den, Will the Real Port Orchard Please Stand Up?

Port Orchard, which recently portrayed the fictional town of Cedar Cove, will undergo another transformation Saturday and Sunday, with its Murder Mystery Weekend.
Landlubbers and pirates alike will follow clues throughout the weekend to discover who killed Capt. Zeke Black.
The B.O.O.M. (Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries) Pirates will invade the waterfront area in Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce’s fourth annual event, filling the air with sea shanties, cannon fire and the sounds of other buccaneering business.
Here’s a look at last year’s event:

Besides the questioning of suspects and hunting for clues, highlights include a “Landlubber Dinghy Derby Race,” pirate ball, Fight-A-Pirate swordplay, costume contests and Pirate Ball.
Information: (360) 876-3505,
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday: Obtain clue packets (fees listed on chamber Web site).
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday: Marketfaire, Fight-a-Pirate Lessons, children’s activities.
11 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Saturday: B.O.O.M. Pirates Cannon Show.
12:30 p.m. Saturday: Landlubber Dinghy Derby Race
1 p.m. Saturday: Adult costume contest.
1:30 p.m. Saturday: B.O.O.M. Pirates Stunt Show.
2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday: “Goonies” at Historic Orchard Theatre, 822 Bay St.; (360) 895-0564
4 p.m. Saturday: “The Coroner’s Report”
6 p.m. Saturday: Pirate’s Ball, Moondogs, Too, 714 Bay St.; (360) 895-2300.
9 to 11 a.m. Sunday: VFW pancake breakfast, waterfront gazebo.
11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Sunday: B.O.O.M. Pirates Cannon Show
Noon to 4 p.m. Sunday: Obtain clue packets.
Noon Sunday: Pirates Stunt Show.
12:30 p.m.: Kids and pets costume contest.
4 p.m. Sunday: The mystery is solved.

Friday Aftenoon Club: Cruz in to Port Orchard

This from the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce:

Port Orchard’s Annual
Classic Car Show–The Cruz!
Sponsored and hosted each year by
The Saints Car Club!

Sunday, August 9, 2009 in downtown Port Orchard! Join thousands of classic car fans and hundreds of classic, vintage and antique cars for the biggest Classic Car show around. Unless you are showing your car at the Cruz, the best way to arrive is by ferry or by bus.
Schedule: 7am-12pm Registration $10 for Cruz exhibitors in all classes. Register between PO Marina and Port Orchard library near Kitsap Transit Passenger Ferry landing, just off Sidney and Bay St. Pre-registration before Aug. 9th not required.
9am-4pm Festival by the Bay Street Fair
10am-4pm the Cruz is open to everyone!!
10am-3pm Door prize drawings for registered exhibitors
3pm-4pm Awards ceremony at the Waterfront Park Gazebo.

Friday Afternoon Club II: a Movie on Local Food

This press release comes from a member of the Kitsap Community and Agricultural Alliance. A movement is afoot to start a food co-op that will feature predominantly locally grown food. To get a better idea of what a co-op is, check out the Web site for the Skagit Valley Co-op, which I had the chance to visit recently.

Our local group will host a showing of the movie “Food, Inc.” at the Historic Orchard Theatre, 822 Bay Street, Port Orchard. The movie runs Friday through Aug. 6 (next Thursday; times are in the press release below).

Here’s the press release:

Don’t forget our movie fund-raiser, Food, Inc., playing at the Historic Orchard Theater, is coming up this weekend — opening night is Friday, July 31st! The show runs through Thursday Aug. 6th, so you have plenty of time to bring your family and friends to see the film and support the co-op — you’ll never look at dinner the same way!

Showtimes are 3 pm, 5 pm, and 7 pm. Don’t forget to bring your voucher! You only need one per party. (Download directly by clicking this link:,_Inc._files/FoodInc_WebVoucher.pdf)

We’ll be there on Friday before each of the two evening showings to answer your questions and sign up volunteers. We will receive a portion of the ticket proceeds for each ticket you buy when you use your voucher all week long. However, try to make it to an evening showing if you can, as we get the highest donation from the theater for those shows. Go to for more details.

Hope to see you there!

Laura Moynihan,
Kitsap Community Food Co-op
(360) 813-1301

Friday Afternoon Club: Businesses Open During “Paint the Town”

Most of the businesses in downtown Port Orchard that are usually open on Sundays will be open for business as usual during a Paint the Town event Sunday.
Volunteers, under the direction of painting professionals, will paint downtown buildings in need of a facelift. National radio host Delilah Rene Luke, who lives in South Kitsap, is donating much of the paint and other supplies. The event will cover a two-block area of Bay Street in downtown Port Orchard.
According to the City of Port Orchard, which has given official approval to the event, Bay Street will be closed from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday during the painting. Trucks will be detoured up Port Orchard Boulevard, over the Lund Avenue Bridge and down Bethel Avenue to the roundabout to bypass the downtown area. Other vehicles will be detoured off Bay Street via Kitsap Street and down Rockwell Avenue to reconnect with Bay Street.
Parking on Bay Street will also be disrupted from 6 to 8 a.m. Saturday on Bay Street between Frederick Avenue and Harrison Avenue while the city places dumpsters and portable toilets in the work area. Once the equipment is in place, any remaining spaces will be open back up for public use.
The toilets and dumpsters will be removed between 6 a.m. and approximately 7:30 a.m. Monday.
Myhre’s, the Morningside Bakery, Delilahs’ Cozy Kitchen and MoonDogs, Too will be open before 8 a.m. for breakfast. Most other restaurants will open by 11 a.m. for lunch.
Special activities, including children’s activities, are planned. The Historic Orchard Theatre will be showing free movies. The Dance Gallery will give performances.
Volunteers are asked to report at 8 a.m. to 703 Kitsap Street, where they will be assigned to a work team.
Volunteers are still needed. For information or to sign up, visit or call (253) 225-1096.

Friday Afternoon Club II: Concerts on the Bay

This from Coreen Haydock-Johnson, of the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce

Port Orchard Concerts on the Bay begin on Fri. June 26th at 6:30pm in downtown Port Orchard. In past years the concert series was coordinated by the Kitsap Parks and Recreation Dept., however a community group comprised of: business owners, the Port Orchard Chamber, the Port Orchard Marina, the City of Port Orchard and Chairing group Fathoms O’ Fun, not only took over the series but have expanded from 6 to 10 concerts this summer. The first two concerts will take place during Fathoms O’ Fun Festival on Fri. June 26th at 6:30pm (featuring The Mojo Blues Band) and during the day Sat. July 4th (featuring Christian Contemporary artists) and at 8:30pm that evening (featuring Usual Suspects). Starting on July 9th, the concerts will be on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm. The complete schedule can be found at

The Concerts on the Bay committee is in need of sponsorships to pay for the musicians. Sponsorships range from $250 to $1500 or be a Friend of the Concerts for $50. Contact Kim Punt at Alfred Interwest Insurance at 360-876-6399 regarding sponsorships.