Move Over South Kitsap, We’ve Got Company

Heads up folks. You’re going to start hearing some new voices on this blog, and it won’t be the result of picking the wrong mushrooms along the trail in Banner Forest.

The Bremerton Beat, God rest its soul, is on its way to that big archive in the sky (actually it’s on our Web site, but same diff). The BB’s primary blogger, Steve Gardner, aka the Bremerton Beat reporter, plus Central Kitsap/North Kitsap reporter Brynn Grimley, aka “will-write-anything-at-the-drop-of-a-hat Grimley,” will be muscling in on this space. Welcome to my world.

The two of them discuss the final season of “Lost” and I’ve yet to make it through the second season. I have NO idea what they’re talking about.

Gardner, Grimley and I will be posting news about our respective communities (and poking fun at Bainbridge Island … and heck North Mason while we’re at it).

The Kitsap Caucus, Gardner’s baby, will remain alive and in the limelight. Grimley and I will be contributing our respective insights as part of the Kitsap Sun’s government team.

Gardner, made a final post explaining why we are rolling the once mighty Bremerton Beat into the lowly (but oft spunky) Speaking of South Kitsap blog.

A brief but reverent pause while we recall the soul of the Bremerton Beat that, while it poked considerable fun at Port Orchard, never failed to see the Lighter Side of Bremerton. Remember when? …

Andy Binion (with help?) coined the city’s new motto? Who needs an image consultant?

Binion speculated on what Leviathan or other magical creatures those digging the now-completed “Tunnel to Burwell” might unearth, causing then-local-news-editor-now-editor David Nelson to ask if Binion had “lost his mind.” After all, the real concern was … mole people. This has absolutely nothing to do with South Kitsap mushrooms. It was Bremertonia at its best, no doubt induced by carbonated and/or highly caffeinated beverages to be had at the 7/11 on Park & Sixth.

And who could forget Steve Gardner’s infamous “On Notice” posts, which seldom failed to include Port Orchard, at the top of the list, no less. We stand flattered. After all, we could learn a lot from a city whose “flagging real estate markets” could land its erstwhile mayor on NBC News.

Oh, wait, one more … remember the “Hooters” confession of now-editor David Nelson? A little sophomoric, but good times. Good times.

Having a communal blog was a communal decision among the three of us beat reporters (the Bainbridge Conversation will remain its own entity; unlikely we could get them to join this potluck). Weighing in as well were our editors.

The reason for the migration to Speaking of South Kitsap, as Gardner explained, is that South Kitsap rocks … Oh, wait, he didn’t say that. But it’s true. SK readers have remained remarkably loyal through my sporadic postings, related, as Gardner explained about the demise of the BB, to having a few too many irons in the fire. We decided to offer the audience we do enjoy something new and hopefully pleasing.

The potential advantages are:
1. With three contributors, there will theoretically be more posts.
2. You won’t have to skip all over the Web site to find Gardner and me defending the honor of our respective beats.
3. Grimley is a way better blogger than she gives herself credit for, and it’s time someone stepped up to defend Poulsbo. The plastic ram horns just don’t cut it.
4. Gardner is really clever, and maybe I’ll learn a thing or two from him about snarky graphics.

We are open to suggestions, feedback, bribes and flattery.

The name of the blog will remain Speaking of South Kitsap until we determine that our readership is sufficiently comfortable with the new format to tolerate a name change. Heck, we might even hold a name change contest. BTW (I learned this from my 15-year-old) sometime soon there will be a function that allows you to receive alerts for posts made about your respective communities. So, if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Speaking of South Kitsap fan, you can cut right to the chase. But for those who elect to slog through the cacophony, more power to you. After all, change is good.

Chris Henry, South Kitsap/Kitsap County Government Reporter

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