Did You Know Trenten Morris?

Update, Aug. 4: Trenten Morris’ name was misspelled in the original version of this blog post and the original story on his death; both have been corrected. Also incorrect information on Trenten’s town of residence was given in the original story on his death, which has since been corrected. Trenten lived in Poulsbo with his mother, Amber. His father, Scott, lives in Port Orchard.

Brynn Grimley’s story on Trenten’s life ran July. 31. Thanks to those who commented and contacted Brynn to remember this young man.

Begin original post:
At the Kitsap Sun our hearts go out to the family of Trenten Morris, the 13-year-old who drowned in Wildcat Lake yesterday afternoon. As is our custom in the case of a tragic death, we will follow up our coverage with a story on Trenten’s life. If you knew this young man, please contact reporter Brynn Grimley, who covers Central and North Kitsap, at brynn.grimley@kitsapsun.com, or call (360) 792-5242. Thank you, Chris Henry, South Kitsap/Government Team

4 thoughts on “Did You Know Trenten Morris?

  1. I can’t give you the whole story, (as I don’t think there’s quite enough room) but if I’m gonna say one thing, it’s that he lived probably as great as a life as anyone could have hoped for. He had more than enough friends, and was definitely a ladies’ man. I know he wouldn’t mind me saying that, as he would’ve probably just laughed and given me the thumbs up. I was fairly close to him (That’s an understatement- I’ve been “close” to him since second grade) and I know if he saw us all bawling over him he woulda frowned and probably hit us on the back of the head or something. Everyone loved him, though his teachers might have a few complaints about notes being passed and giggles running across the back of the room. Things won’t be the same in the lunchroom anymore, nor any place else. We all miss him. ~Love you ’till the last! Erin Sackett

  2. I remember one time in sixith grade in class we had to paint a collar for an egypt play and it had to look cool and have a pattern and trenten wrote halo on his and the teacher was so mad all my memories of him are nice he was a sweetguy who never would hurt anyone and didn’t deserve to dieso young

  3. my name is samantha and i was in his 6th grade class. he was definently the ladies man and the class clown, the trouble maker and the class cutie. i was at camp from before he died until after the memorial service. i had no clue he died until i got a message from my friend shyanne on my fone that said to call her immediatly. when she told me i felt like she was kidding, i felt like the trenten i knew still existed. all of that changed when i went on the computer and saw on the kitsap sun reporter website that it was official that he drowned. i spent that night laying on the couch with my head in my dad’s lap crying.
    b4 i understood, you no, lifes short so live in the moment
    but now i know the real meaning of anything can happen at anytime, and i don’t want to live with thinking something like, “what if he wasn’t there” or “what if we never even knew each other” because i don’t think i’d be the same person i am now if it wasn’t for him.

    i’ll 4ever remember you trenten n. morris,
    samantha ginter

  4. Trenten was the nicest guy I knew.He was sweet to everyone and when someone put you down he would stand up for you. As sam said I wouldnot be the same person I am now if it wasn’t for him. Life is truley short and when this happened it showed me just how short life can be. The day I found out I cryed all day and couldn’t sleep all night every thought for a week that I had was about him, how this couldn’t have happened, also how he couldn’t be dead. He touched my heart and will remain there permantly. I will keep his memories with me as long as I shall live. He touched every ones life he meet and changed the people themselfs for the better. I know hes in heaven theres no doubt in my mind he has already made friends for the rest of eternity and will make more as he meets them. He has found the true meaning of living forever on earth by that I mean he will forever be in my thoughts and no doubts when I have kids they will shurley no of Trenten Morris the Kid who changed my life

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