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4 thoughts on “Speaking of Paint Jobs

  1. How come your previous article left out the more negative comments from business owners about paint the town? There’s a lot of angry people downtown.

  2. Hey Chris,

    Kitsap Muffler was also getting a new paint job this weekend. But since they are directly across the highway from Toys, it appears that very few have noticed.

  3. Visitors once commented that they thought Toys Topless must be the place to buy a convertible.

  4. Dave – I thought I addressed the fact that the merchants were concerned with the blog post referencing:
    “issues raised last week at a meeting of the Port Orchard Bay Street Merchant’s Association.”
    including: “liability, quality control and environmental concerns”as well the overall paint scheme.

    Here’s the link if you missed it


    You may have also missed this comment:
    “I don’t like it when people come in and say our town is ‘butt ugly,’” said (barber Ernie) Moreno, who characterized Delilah as a “queen bee” bent on pressing her own agenda.

    Chris Henry, reporter

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