Confessions of a Cedar Cove Virgin

I have a confession to make. Although, as the South Kitsap reporter, I’ve been reporting on the upcoming Cedar Cove Days (Aug. 26 -30), South Kitsap’s tribute to author Debbie Macomber, I have not read any of her Cedar Cove books. The fictional series is based on the real-life town of  Port Orchard and vicinity. So compelling are the Cedar Cove books to Macomber’s legions of fans, that the Port Orchard library often sees tourists who are looking for landmarks from the town.

According to Branch Manager Kathleen Wilson, her staff can hardly keep Macomber’s books – Cedar Cove and others – on the shelves, even though they’ve added significantly to their collection, anticipating the event.

The Cedar Cove library, and its head librarian Grace Sherman, figure prominently in the second book in the series, 204 Rosewood Lane, I am told by Wilson. When I asked for a recommendation about where I should start in the series, this was the book Wilson suggested. Surprise, surprise.

I’m looking for your advice. What Debbie Macomber book should I start with to a get a true feel for the series?

What draws you to the books, if you’re a fan?

If you’re a Port Orchard/South Kitsap resident, do you relate to the settings of the books?

What character do you relate most closely to, and why?

Thanks for your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Confessions of a Cedar Cove Virgin

  1. Though my sister had been an avid Macomer reader I must confess-books such as Debbie’s weren’t my cup of tean until I spent six months last year in California.
    As soon as I began reading one of the Cedar Cove books I was hooked! Of course I was homesick and that is probably why the series meant so much to me. It was fun figuring out who some of the people probably were and the familiar places around South Kitsap that she was writing about. (But changed the names to protect the “innocent.” ; )
    The Cedar Cove series helped me get through the rough times-like…
    1. Sitting pool side almost every day with 75-80 deg weather in October.
    2. The five mile walk/jog around a Lake. (In November.)
    3. Missing Family and friends. (In 80 deg weather in September.)
    Come late December I was ready to head back home to “Cedar Cove.”
    But wait. It began snowing as we headed back in to the Pacific Northwest. Ahhhh…there’s no place like home….there’s no place like home.
    Whether you call it Port Orchard, Podunk or Cedar Cove….there’s no place like home!

  2. Okay, you two got me hooked into sampling the series. I too want to know if her first book is indicative of the rest.

  3. I would start at book one: 16 Lighthouse Road. Once you get started, you’ll want to read every one so you might as well start at the start. I see they have used ones available on Amazon for $.01!! What a deal! For those who may not know, the first number in the address of the title tells you which is the 1st., 2nd., 3rd., etc. The first book is 16 so the number 1 shows it’s the first in the series. The second book is 204 Rosewood Lane so that’s the second in the series. It makes it easy to know where you are in the series. It’s kind of a soap opera type series so it’s best to read it in order although, you’d probably enjoy them no matter where you jump in. Enjoy the new addiction!

  4. I’m not one for love or romance style books and haven’t been for some time, but I have sat down and read one Cedar Cove book. I need to read the others.

    I used to complain about the typical “romance” formulas that you would find in those style books, that no matter how you change up the atmosphere or location, it’s still the same.

    What really made me “like” the Cedar Cove series is that it’s not always typical formula and there were little things that yes, if you grew up in Port Orchard/South Kitsap area you could remember and love and appreciate, no matter if you’re in Kitsap or somewhere else.

    I need to find time to read more, but I honestly liked what I read so far.

  5. I found the books 1-6 in a book club brochure. I was addicted after the first one. I couldn’t put them down. Every Sept. when she comes out with a new one I have to get it as well.

    I enjoyed the books so much I talked my husband into going to WA for vacation in May of 2008. We drove all the way up there. And I live in Central CA. I fell in love with the area. I want to move up their.

    I’m sorry I won’t be able to go to the Cedar Cove Days in August. I have also read her other series A Good Yarn. Another good series.

    I can’t wait till I can come to Port Orchard again.

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