It’s Bob Geiger Trivia Time

Bob Geiger, owner of Geiger’s Rexall Family Pharmacy, is hanging up his mortar and pestle after 52 years in business. The economy, competition with chain stores and a stroke in May led to the decision, Geiger said today. Wearing a Hawaiian shirt under his lab coat, Geiger – now largely recovered from his ailment – is sizing up retirement with mixed feelings.
“It’s kind of a shock,” he said. “The big shock will be getting up in the
morning and deciding if I want to go out and weed the flowers or go for a walk.”

Geiger’s will hold a liquidation sale on Thursday. The pharmacy will remain open until customers have been able to transfer their prescriptions. The post office boxes will be moved to the main Port Orchard branch of the U.S. Postal Service

How well do you know Bob Geiger and his wife Ursula? Find out by playing the Bob Geiger Trivia game. Answers in tomorrow’s Kitsap Sun and on this blog.

1. Where was Geiger’s formerly located?

2. How long has the business now known as Geiger’s operated as a family-run pharmacy? (Hint: Bob is the fifth owner)

3. In what branch of the service did Bob Geiger serve?

4. Name the Geiger’s three children.

5. What year was the post office added to the store?

6. Where were Bob Geiger’s parents from?

7. A. How many years did Bob Geiger serve on the Port Orchard City Council?
B. How many council meetings did that amount to?
C. How many absences did he have?

8. Bob Geiger and other business owners banded together in the 1980s with the intention of buying and renovating the old movie theater on Bay Street, now the Historic Orchard Theatre. Bob and Ursula ended up buying the building themselves and operating a theater there until 2003.
A. What was the name of the business owners’ group?
B. What was the name of the theater under the Geigers?

9. Bob Geiger is known for his civic contributions in Port Orchard. What seasonal charitable effort did he head up for a number of years?

10. What color was Bob Geiger’s hair until it turned white?

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