Former Council Candidate’s Wife Recovering from Stroke

Wife’s health comes first candidate says.
By Chris Henry
Former Port Orchard City Councilman Rick Wyatt has dropped his bid to regain a seat on the council, citing family obligations.
Wyatt’s wife Linda suffered a stroke on June 24. Although she is recovering nicely, Wyatt said, “I feel it’s more important to be at her side as much as possible.”
On June 25, Wyatt made the decision to withdraw from the race for position 3 against incumbent Rob Putaansuu. He made it official at the Kitsap County auditor’s office on Monday.
Wyatt spent five years on the city’s planning commission and 12 years on the council before losing his seat to Fred Olin in 2007. He had been eager for the chance to jump back into city government.
“Physically, I left the building, but mentally, I kept track of everything that was going on,” he said.
The choice to withdraw from the race was clear, however.
“There was no hesitation on my part,” Wyatt said.
Doctors told the Wyatts Linda’s stroke may have been caused by complications from a car accident the couple was in on Mother’s Day. One of her vertebrae was injured, causing “leakage” that may have led to the stroke, Rick Wyatt said.
According to Wyatt, Linda, 62, is “making recovery by leaps and bounds.”
In her favor is the fact she has always taken good care of herself, exercising regularly, “never smoked, never drank.”
The Wyatts are hopeful that her condition will continue to improve.
“We’re both really positive thinkers,” Rick Wyatt said.

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