Tacoma News Tribune Sniffs Out South Kitsap

The Nose at the Tacoma News Tribune has taken note of Port Orchard. We are soooo honored.

The Nose says, “We’ve never used this space to poke fun at Port Orchard before.”

My thoughts: Why not? Everyone else does. And look out, Tacoma; they’re after bigger trophies than this small burg of 8,300.

In fact, we are so used to getting razzed by Bremerton, I was surprised — if a tad suspicious — when Bremerton Beat reporter Steve Gardner opined of the TNT, “Of course they would need a column by The Nose considering the famous Tacoma aroma.”

The Nose continues:

“Don’t they suffer enough living next to Gorst?”

My thoughts: Gorst rocks. Don’t knock ’til you’ve written about it. Where else can you buy a discount mattress and espresso with eye candy? It’s a reporter’s dream beat. In fact, Gardner and I routinely argue over who gets to cover the little bend in the road (kind of like a bent hairpin used to pick a lock) some (not us of course) fondly refer to as “the armpit of Kitsap County.”

The Nose was referring of course to Port Orchard’s annual Seagull Calling Festival.

“The origins of this strange ritual are unknown,” The Nose writes. “Perhaps before phones arrived in town in the late 1970s, Orchardites shouted obscenities across the water at rival Bremerton. Officials later turned it into a bird-calling fest to avoid riots.”

Very funny. For your information, we’ve had phones since the early 1970s, and our operators are right friendly, too. Quick, Lassie, Timmy fell down the well.

The Nose has fun channeling the birds:

• “Gray leader, this is blue leader, prepare for strafing run. I’ll get the mayor. You aim for the fat guy in the wig.”

FYI, the mayor, Lary Coppola, was wearing a wig. That’s him third from left, looking like the lost scribe from last year’s Nativity play. I’d like to see Bill Baarsma pull that off with any style.

Port Orchard Seagull Festival Judges
Port Orchard Seagull Festival Judges

Thanks to Speaking of South Kitsap reader Karen Lee for alerting us to this latest piece of journalistic encroachment at our expense.

One thought on “Tacoma News Tribune Sniffs Out South Kitsap

  1. Well, I know I’m not supposed to comment on your site, but I think we are on the same side here……I just noticed that those big-sitty journalists got the start time wrong.

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