A Sonic in Port Orchard Someday?

7:25 p.m. Friday: See addendum* below.

Currently unemployed in South Kitsap? You may want to break out the roller skates and get your balance. A Sonic Drive-in could be coming to town, according to an article in today’s Tacoma News Tribune.

The wildly popular fast food chain, featuring car-hops on roller skates is opening in Puyallup Monday.

I’m not sure what the big deal about Sonic is, as I’ve never eaten there, but apparently in California, the Midwest and probably other places the collective wisdom of the newsroom doesn’t know about, it carries the cachet of Krispy Kreme donuts.

According to the article:

“Other mayors should start warming up their ceremonial scissors. Sonic franchise owner David Orem filed a building permit application this week for his second Sonic – in the Lowe’s parking lot on Highway 410 in Bonney Lake. And he expects to sign lease deals soon on two sites in Tacoma.

After that? Orem has started scouting Aberdeen, Shelton, Olympia, Bremerton, Port Orchard, Silverdale and Maple Valley.”

Sounds like there could be some competition in Kitsap County over this. So PO, let’s get rolling. I’m guessing, however, the folks at Buck’s A&W may not be so thrilled. Is South Kitsap’s appetite big enough to handle two old-school burger joints?

While we’re on the subject, who do you think makes the best burgers anywhere? For me, nothing could top The Hamburger Choo Choo in Huntington, Long Island, where I grew up. The food was delivered on a scale model train to diners, who sat at a large horseshoe-shaped counter. I have no recollection of whether the burgers were good, bad or indifferent; all I know is any meal delivered by toy train was my idea of haute cuisine.

P.S. Looks like A&W already has some competition.

16 thoughts on “A Sonic in Port Orchard Someday?

  1. Yes Mr Orem, please bring Sonic to Port Orchard. Don’t get me wrong, I love A & W but here’s my argument. Sonic is a drive in you’ll find traditionally in southern states. We have so many military families here who are familiar with good eating around the country and they too, like me, can attest to just how good Sonic is. I smell serious profit making venture for my hometown on this, and not only that, after customers are done sipping on that route 44 drink and dining on delicious fries and burger, they can explore the rest of our town too. I’ll go with Rissa on yes, In-N-Out is good burgers as well, but Sonic…super tasty. The half price drink specials on super hot days in the South, sorta hot days here, please consider us for sure.

  2. Heck yeah!

    I love A&W’s and all but I haven’t known where to turn for my slush urges! The food may not be the best, however it hits a certain spot.

  3. IN-N-OUT is the best!!! We just had a Sonic open up a few blocks from my house and the first two weeks the line to get in was 2-3 hours all day long! Now the lines are about 15-20 minutes, but apparently people around here love it. I have eaten there twice and it’s really affordable. But I still like IN-N-OUT the best!

  4. Sonic is not good.

    In-N-Out is best.

    Dick’s is a very close second.

    Best Burger was a direct rippoff of In-N-Out.

    Now you know.

  5. Great idea. I have been to Sonic’s on both East & West Coast and they are very good fast food. Now Port Orchard needs a TGI Friday and a Dave & Busters and a few others I could name. We could see more reasons to stay in the County to eat a meal vice going to Gig Harbor and other places as much as we do. There are some some good places in the South end, but they are fewer each year.
    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

  6. First had Sonic in Maryville, TN and practically went there every day just for the Route 44 Cherry Limeaids! I know where the nearest Sonics are and make sure to go there on my way to Southern Utah. Put a Sonic in Port Orchard? I’ll never leave town!!! They have great desserts, burgers, breakfast burritos AND they are pretty inexpensive!! A Sonic here would make great money!
    Port Orchard

  7. The best burgers from my childhood were White Castle. Whenever I am in St. Louis, I make a point to stop there just for the fond childhood memories and a four pack. 😉

    The best fast food burgers locally, in my opinion, are the sirloin mini-burgers at Jack in the Box. Maybe because they remind me of White Castle. But the sirloin and grilled onions on a heated sweet bun makes a tasty burger or three.

    As for Sonic, we were at one recently in Eastern Washington (near Sunnyside). Looked like they had just recently opened. I like them because I can get fried zuchinni.

    Kathryn Simpson

  8. Just what the Port Orchard area needs, another fast food chain restaurant……. way to keep improving the image…… I am sure that will draw people here to improve the quality of life…… more sprawl and chain restaurants and strip malls and minimum wage jobs…… woo hoo…….

  9. White Castle is probably my favorite back home, but since I transfered up here I found one in Poulsbo, Busby’s Burgers, we went there for lunch the other day and they were different than I ever had. But they aren’t fast food. Maybe we will do a Hail and Farewell there next time.

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