Snow Joke

Here’s what Mother Nature had for us on April Fool’s Day in the Sunnyslope area of South Kitsap. It’s been steady since early morning. Heavy and wet but sticking. Accumulation: less than an inch. Got any where you live?
April Fool's Snow

April Fool’s Snow

2 thoughts on “Snow Joke

  1. It is halfway snowing and raining here in Manchester! And I heard the skiing was fantastic last weekend! I am going tomorrow!

  2. I have quickly learned Mother Nature has a sense of humor. We had a White Christmas this year AND last year, our first significant snow event on the 1st day of meteorological winter in 2005(December 1st) and either last year or a couple years ago we had a nice thunderstorm on the 4th of July.

    Never ceases to amuse me!

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