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Be a Movie Critic: PO Chamber Releases Video

The Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce has produced a video about Port Orchard and vicinity that is now posted on its Web site. The video is part of the chamber’s three-pronged effort – with a branding initiative and an emerging shop local program – to more aggressively promote Port Orchard and vicinity.

“Ferries, Bridges and Boats: The Adventure Begins with the Journey” follows the adventures of visitors to Port Orchard who arrive by ferry, car (across the Tacoma Narrows) and even sea plane. How often does that happen? More often than you’d think, said chamber director Coreen Johnson.

The video link is also on the City of Port Orchard Web site.

The video was filmed and edited by Ron Finney of NorthWoods Productions, a Gig Harbor company. At 12 minutes (an abridged version is planned as well), it’s the “Gone with the Wind” of promotional videos, but it’s well-done and entertaining. Check out the cameo of city councilman Jerry Childs. Most of the video was shot at the height of summer, so it’s kind of like a wedding photo: Do we really look that good?

The historical scenes are shot in black and white (actually sepia) with a flickering effect like an old-time film, a bit overdone in my estimation. That’s my only critique.

For more information or to obtain a copy, call the chamber at (360) 876-3505.

NMSD Goes to YouTube With Bond/Levy Video

I received this from the North Mason School District regarding a vieo the district has put on YouTube to inform voters about the upcoming bond and levy Feb. 3.

Here’s the e-mail:

“Facilities Video Available On-line!

Thanks to filmmaker Mark Woytowich’s generosity, a compelling video about the North Mason School District facility issues and needs is now available on YouTube. The video both displays and explains our need for renovations and expansions of the NMSD facilities.

The video is in two parts, totaling 13 minutes. To watch the video, either go to and type “North Mason Schools” in the search box, or view them directly by clicking the following links:

North Mason Schools: Part 1 <>

North Mason Schools: Part 2 <>

It may take 12-20 seconds for each video to load and start playing. You are invited to leave comments on the YouTube site after viewing. We hope you find these 13 minutes to be a good investment of your time.”

Matthes Congratulates Garrido

Tim Matthes has sent the Kitsap Sun a letter to the editor congratulating Charlotte Garrido, the winner of the tight race for South Kitsap Commisssioner, position 2. The Kitsap County auditor certified the election today. Here is Tim’s letter and the final vote count:

“I previously stated that it’s not over until the last vote is counted. Well, the votes have been counted and the election has been certified. I have fallen short of our goal of becoming the next South Kitsap County Commissioner by less than one and one half percent.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who voted for me. I want to thank all of you that spent your time, energy, and money working on this campaign. We may have came up a little short of our goal, but we gave it our best effort. A simple thank you just does not do all your work justice, but it will have to do for now. If any of you are thinking of running for public office I would encourage you to do so because this has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever undertaken.

Congratulations to Charlotte Garrido on her win. We should all say a prayer that she will display great wisdom and strength in all her decisions resulting in a better Kitsap County because of her term in office. I plan to support her and to assist her in keeping her campaign promises which are; balanced decisions, representing all of the county’s residences, a balanced budget, and supporting business in Kitsap County, just to name a few. These ideals and goals are ones that we all can support and work together to accomplish.

Thank You All !

Tim Matthes

Vote Count Percent
– Tim Matthes 55,992 49.14%
– Charlotte Garrido 57,648 50.59%
Write-In 305 0.27%
Total 113,945 100.00%

Matthes, Garrido Weigh in on Bethel Corridor

While Democrat Charlotte Garrido maintains a small lead over Republican challenger Tim Matthes, the final result of the race for South Kitsap Commissioner won’t be official until the election is certified Nov. 25. At last count, Tuesday, Garrido had 50.59 percent of the vote; Matthes had 49.14 percent.

When Port Orchard Mayor Lary Coppola announced that the city hopes to move forward with an annexation of Bethel Corridor sooner rather than later, I called both candidates to see where they stand on the city’s proposal.

One hitch for the county would be that the city is asking for a suspension of a revenue sharing agreement between the county and Kitsap cities that allows the county a “soft landing” revenue-wise when an annexation occurs. The interlocal agreement calls for the county to receive 75 percent of tax revenue from the annexed area in the first year, 50 percent in the second year and 25 in the third.

Kitsap County is doing with half a million less and dipping into its reserves to balance its 2009 budget. Given the economy, it hardly seems like an opportune time for the county to pursue development of the corridor, the plan for which has become something of an albatross around the county’s neck.

The cost, with bonding, to implement the whole plan (with design standards) would be $43 million, and the city had considered asking taxpayers and businesses to foot the bill. A recent survey shows, not surprisingly, lack of support for the various mechanisms (including increased property taxes) proposed to fund the project. Coppola has said the city could fund infrastructure on the corridor through a variety of sources, including grants, development fees, revenue and more, without having to increase individual taxes. What would have to go are the plan’s exacting design standards.

Both candidates said they would support the city’s desire to annex the corridor.

Tim Matthes pointed to the plan’s design standards as an example of the county’s “onerous regulations” that have stymied development. Matthes has said, if elected, he would work to ease the burden on developers by simplifying county code. Matthes said South Kitsap Industrial Area’s impending annexation into Bremerton is another example of how Kitsap’s cities are better at putting out the welcome mat to new and growing businesses than the county is.

Matthes said he would support Port Orchard assuming responsibility for the corridor as long as it makes sense for taxpayers.”It should go to whoever would do the most for it, and the city appears to be in the best position to do that,” Matthes said.

Garrido, who served as SK Commissioner through 2000 took part in the process through which the Bethel Corridor Plan was developed with input from citizens, businesses and other interested parties. Asked if she had any concerns about the city implementing a modified plan, she said, “Everybody is going to have some concerns about it.” That being said, the economic times dictate some degree of expediency.

“I’m willing to work with the city in any way we need to to address that issue as well as anything else,” she said.

And what about the prospect of altering the revenue sharing agreement and the county’s dispensing with the soft landing?

“We have to be creative in ways we’ve never had to be,” said Garrido. “I don’t throw anything off the table.”

Free Thanksgiving Meals?

Sally Santana, a South Kitsp resident who advocates for the homeless, is compiling a list of places where people can get free Thanksgiving dinners. If you know of one, please list it here in comments and e-mail Thanks


Here’s Sally’s e-mail to me:

I’m trying to compile a list of agencies, organizations, churches, restaurants, etc. that will be providing a FREE THANKSGIVING MEAL next week. I’ve asked the Sun to get the request for this info out, too. If you plan on doing this, or know of some group that is, could you give me the details? We’re hoping to spread the news out to all corners of the county.

McWoods Annexation: For the Record

For the Record
As the McCormick Woods annexation committee continues to gather signatures on the petition to make McWoods part of the City of Port Orchard, I feel the need to address the suggestion made more than once by the person who uses the screen name “Gumshoe” that I have a conflict of interest in reporting on this subject because I am a resident of McCormick Woods.

I’ve previously addressed (comments 13 and 22) whether I can fairly and accurately report on the community where I live, shop, play in the parks, pay bills and where my children attend school.

Gumshoe says that my right to “vote” in the annexation process contributes to the conflict.

Signing the petition is a “yes” vote. Not signing is a “no” vote. So there is no way for me to abstain on this issue.

Because of my position as South Kitsap reporter and my role in covering the annexation, my husband, Michael, and I will refrain from taking any action on the petition. The threshold for acceptance is 75 percent, and the committee already has roughly 50 percent approval. It appears that the committee will meet its goal before the six month time limit expires.

In the extremely unlikely even that our property, valued at $379,120, becomes the pivotal property out of the roughly $256 million required to certify the annexation, we will re-evaluate the situation and act as our conscience dictates.
Chris Henry, SK reporter

Who’s a Twihard?

A week ago I would have said, “What’s a Twihard.” Now I know that it is a person totally obsessed with a movie that hasn’t even come out yet. Yes, the buzz around “Twilight,” the movie based on Stephenie Meyer’s runaway best-seller about sexy vampires, is huge. We even have our own local connection.

In order to separate the died-hard Twihards from the mere Twilighters, Urban Dictionary offers a long list of symptoms (here are some excerpts).

You know you’re a Twihard if:

You dream of going to Forks, or living in Forks. (My comment: You know you’re a die hard Kitsap resident if you even know where Forks is.)

You’ve supplied said literary crack to your friends, and wouldn’t talk to them until they read the series.

Your school projects all relate to Twilight in some way.

You dream of driving a red 1953 Chevy Pickup, while your husband drives a silver Volvo s60 r. (My comment: This happens to me a lot.)

You’ve Photoshopped yourself & made yourself really pale, given yourself golden eyes, and bruises underneath your eyes.

You look up to the sky on a rainy day, and think “Damn I feel as if I’m in Forks!” (My comment: This happens to me a lot.)

If you’re really hooked on “Twilight” you will already have taken one of the hundreds of personality quizzes on the Web (I may be exaggerating but only a little) to see what character you are.

P.S. The Poulsbo Cinema 10 manager just e-mailed me that that theater is sold out for midnight Friday.

PO Hearing Examiner to Review Blackjack Creek Subdivision

Here is the agenda for the City of Port Orchard hearing examiner meeting at 10 a.m. Thursday at City Hall. The subject will be a proposed project to put 45 lots for single-family homes on two parcels totaling 7.28 acres off Sherman Ave. Information: (360) 876-4407

Agenda Item # 1 10:00 AM Blackjack Creek Residential Subdivision/PRD Case No. SUBDIV 08-01 Description: The applicant requests approval of the Preliminary Plat of “Blackjack Creek Residential PRD/Plat,” which would subdivide the subject property into 45 lots. The site, which is comprised of two (2) tax parcels, contains approximately 7.28 acres after the associated boundary line adjustment. The proposed development will consist of single-family detached dwellings. The completed project will provide an average lot size of approximately 7,052 Square Feet Square feet and a minimum lot size of 4,445 square feet. The project will create a density of approximately 6.18 dwelling units per acre. Access to the subdivision is proposed via Sherman Avenue. Agenda Item # 2 Immediately following conclusion public hearing for SUB08-01 Blackjack Creek Residential Subdivision/PRD Variance Case No. V-1189 Description: The proposal is for a variance to allow the primary access road into the plat (Sherman Avenue) to be improved to a total width of 20 feet in place of the requirements found in City Council Resolution No. 1971 for “Access” road. This Variance if approved would facilitate the development of the concurrently requested preliminary plat of Blackjack Creek Residential Subdivision/PRD, Preliminary Plat, File No. SUBDIV 08-01

See Yourself in Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove

Fans of Debbie Macomber, now is your chance to indulge your fantasies, Organizers of Cedar Cove Days, a tribute to the best-selling author who lives in Port Orchard, are looking for people to play characters from her Cedar Cove series, based more than loosely on Port Orchard and its people. Word is Port Orchard’s Mayor Lary Coppola will play a role in the opening ceremonies.

So who do you see yourself as: the heroine, family court judge Olivia Lockhart? Her sometimes squeeze, newspaper editor Jack Griffin? Librarian Grace Sherman or any of the cast of many whose quirks and characteristics Macomber drew from local residents?

A number of organizations have already jumped on board to help with the festival, which features many events, teas, tours, a sock hop, cruises and more. People from all over the country have been buying tickets, despite the poor economy. If this trend continues, Cedar Cove Days could be the biggest thing that’s happened in little old PO since sliced bread.

There’s always room for more volunteers, according to Cedar Cove Days co-chairwoman Cindy Lucarelli. For more information, tickets and to volunteer, visit the Cedar Cove Days Web site.

The Future of Newspapers is in Your Hands

Or at least it could be for $359. That’s how much the Kindle, from costs.

On the market just shy of one year, the Kindle, and products like it, allow readers to download books, news articles and blogs. A book download costs $9.99. The display on the device is like the page of a book or newspaper, and according to the ads, looks pretty easy-to-read, even for old eyes like mine. Smaller than many paperbacks, the device weighs just over 10 ounces.

This isn’t an ad for Kindle. I just think it’s interesting how quickly products like this, that were predicted as the future of reading just a few short years ago by my estimation, are now a reality.

Best of all, here’s something you can actually bring into the bathroom with you. Can’t wrap a fish in it, however, and if you try to smack the dog with it they might call the ASPCA. Or else the thing would break and you’d be out $359 … a pretty expensive house-training device.

Monday 7:20 a.m.: By the way, here’s a list of the 28 newspaper Web sites you can get – for now – on Kindle, mostly heavy hitters like The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and other major metropolitan papers. There are also foreign publications, like Le Monde.