Benevolent Fund Established for Goheen Family

Last week we ran a story on Tessie Goheen, whose family we’ve been following for the past four years. Tessie and her sisters, Becky and Katie, have a genetic condition, passed down from their late father Paul Goheen, that predisposes them to cancer. Becky and Katie have both survived cancer. Tessie, who was recently diagnosed, is in treatment. Tessie, always a gung-ho gal, is working to establish a cancer support center in Kitsap County in between chemotherapy treatments. The courage and resilience of the Goheen girls and their mother Beth has been sorely tried by their ordeal. The family is facing staggering medical and transportation costs.

It didn’t take long for friends of the family to step forward and establish a fund the help the family. To make a tax-deductible donation, visit any WAMU (Washington Mutual) branch and mention the Children of Paul Goheen fund, acct. number 3580779210.

To learn more about Tessie Goheen’s proposed cancer support center, visit or e-mail her at Donations may be made at any Washington Mutual branch, account 3580989968.

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