McWoods Annexation: Questions Addressed, More Answers to Come

Following the proposed annexation of McCormick Woods into the City of Port Orchard is a bit like watching paint dry, pretty slow and about as exciting. I just wrote an update on the process following Tuesday’s presentation to the city council by James Weaver, director of development. (Read it. It’s really more interesting than I’ve made it sound. The implications of annexation are significant not only for McCormick residents and city officials, but for PO citizens.)

Weaver presented answers to some of the questions surrounding existing development agreements between the county and GEM I LLC, the company responsible for virtually all the building that’s gone on or will go on within the McCormick Urban Village urban growth area. The city, county and GEM are trying to sort out who will be responsible for what parts of the agreements in the event the annexation goes through. For example, estimates show that spring and fall road clean-up of McComrick Woods would triple the time the city’s public works department needs to maintain city standards.

So far, city and county officials have gotten the answers to some of the questions raised about parks, transportation (roads) and schools. Still to be discussed in detail are storm water and sewer. I’ve pasted below a chart of the issues the county and city realized they had to address. Scanning it may give you some idea of why the process is moving so slowly.

McCormick Woods Annexation Issues

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