City of Port Orchard Hearing Examiner Agenda for July 17

At the July 8 meeting of the Port Orchard City Council, resident Geri Harmon commented that since the city began using a hearing examiner to preview land use decisions, the discussion of same during council meetings has diminished significantly. Harmon complained that leaves citizens out of the loop.

Mayor Lary Coppola noted that the hearing examiner’s meeting schedule and agenda are posted on the city’s Web site. The hearing examiner holds hearings as needed. In order to keep track of them, one would want to check the Web site weekly.

Since I check in at least weekly, I hereby resolve to post notice of the meetings and agendas when they come up.

The hearing examiner is an attorney versed in land use law. It’s his job to to hammer through the details that the council formerly discussed. People formerly complained that the council meetings were too long. The move to a hearing examiner is one factor in meetings that are more succinct, but the details discussed in hearings are important and anyone who thinks they may be affected by recommendations from the hearing exaiminer should take the time to go. The decision of the hearing examiner is subject to approval from the City Council.

Here’s the agenda from the city’s Web site for July 17

The Public Hearing will be conducted by Mr. Todd Hunter, City of Port Orchard Hearing Examiner on the following Applications, on Thursday July 17, 2008 at the Robert Geiger Council Chambers, City Hall, 216 Prospect Street, Port Orchard WA 98366 at the times set forth or as soon thereafter as possible. Staff reports will be available for public inspection five days prior to the meeting, at the Planning Department.

Agenda Item # 1 10:00 AM Hillside Professional Building Conditional Use Permit Case No. CUP 031-08 The proposal is to amend an existing Special Use Permit (SUP) to enlarge the 6,166 square foot building by 1,475 square feet by enclosing the entryway on the U shaped structure facilitated through the Conditional Use Permit process.

Agenda Item # 2 11:00 AM Williams Preliminary Plat and Rezone Case No. SUBDIV 08-02 and R-1171 The proposal is to rezone four lots from Residential Mobile Home Park to R12 zoning and subdivide four lots totaling 2.71 acres into 18 single-family residential lots.

Agenda Item # 3 1:00 PM Overlook Subdivision/Planned Residential Development and Rezone Case No. SUBDIV 05-03 and R-1161 The proposal is to develop 6.02 acres into a 35-lot subdivision. The eight parcels are located in an area designated as Residential High Density in the Comprehensive Plan and zoned Residential 8 (R8) and Residential 20 (R20). The proponents are also requesting a rezone of seven of the eight parcels, totaling 3.49 acres, from Residential 8 (R8) to Residential 12 (R12) zoning.

One thought on “City of Port Orchard Hearing Examiner Agenda for July 17

  1. Well, I didn’t notice the “CAPTCHA” stuff below. In case my first try was tossed in the “trashcan,” I’ll try again.

    Even in a small town, it would be a good idea to put the street addresses of parcels on the hearing examiner’s agenda. Then, people could tell at a glance whether a permit application involves their neighborhood.

    I “Googled” and found a page that has the permit status of several parcels. It is at this URL:

    I found the Hillside Professional Building on it, but didn’t look for the others.

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