Depee Development: A Bird’s Eye View of Lake Emelia

A 28-acre proposed development near South Kitsap’s Lake Emelia – slated for 102 single-family homes – is on hold since Kitsap County Hearing Examiner Stephen A. Causseaux Jr. on June 27 sided with neighbors worried about run-off from the site polluting the lake. The parcel is located on the southwest corner of Phillips Road SE and SE Baker Road. In their appeal, the neighbors contended that property owner Fred Depee’s service on the county’s Planning Commission creates a conflict of interest. The commission advises the county’s board of commissioners on land use issues. Causseaux, in his report, said he did not consider the appellants allegations in making his ruling.

You can read the complete story tomorrow at Here’s a map of the area.

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2 thoughts on “Depee Development: A Bird’s Eye View of Lake Emelia

  1. Slight error in your info there… it’s actually _18.28_ acres that he wants to put the 102 houses on.

    Our biggest gripes as neighbors is that there are no properties in the entire section (SEC 18, TWP 23N, RGE 2E) that that are smaller than one acre and that none of his initial paperwork mentioned that our lake existed, much less dealt with the drainage issues.

    Personally, I think building 102 homes unattractively stuffed in on top of one another when there are hundreds of existing homes languishing on the real estate market is ridiculous.

    Thanks for publicizing this issue.

  2. There are developments and there are developments.

    Yesterday afternoon we drove around CK following For Sale signs off Anderson Hill. We discovered charming new neighborhoods tucked in here and there … totally unlike the usual strip, clear and throw up cracker boxer developments.

    I don’t know who planned the mini developments nor the builder but they did a great job. The homes were close but attractive, each set differently in the landscape, yards well done and maintained — good insight, good taste, good job.
    Sharon O’Hara

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